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India Has Fastest GDP Growth in Asia and Strong Fundamentals

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 8, 2016

The GDP in India is driven by private consumption. India has the highest earnings growth in Asia and strong profitability. Looking at our FVMR, India is relatively attractive in Asia and is mainly driven by strong fundamentals.

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Risky Business and the Bond Bubble Paradox

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 8, 2016
top 5 of the week of july 4

This week, we cover how to invest in both risky and emerging markets, learn where the sweet spot is in bond investing, and find out if you’re a five day or five year kind of investor. All this and more…

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Hong Kong Has Weak Profitability and High Volatility

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 7, 2016

The GDP in Hong Kong is driven by private consumption and exports. Hong Kong has the lowest ROE in Asia, but offers the third highest dividend yield. Looking at our FVMR, Hong Kong is currently least attractive in Asia.

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Why We Stopped Performance Appraisals at CoffeeWORKS

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 1, 2016

Twenty years ago I co-founded a coffee roasting factory in Bangkok, Thailand while I was head of research at an investment bank in Bangkok. I learned more about investing and valuing businesses from that experience than I ever learned from all my studies of finance, including my CFA exams.

The most valuable thing I learned is that you get the most from employees when they love their jobs and respect their teammates and the people they work for.

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Keep Calm and Carry on Diversifying

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 1, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of June 27 - Become a Better #Investor

As well as a guide for how to get investing in the Internet of Things world, we also look at the impact Brexit may have on our economic future and our investment portfolios; all this and more in our Top 5 of the Week…

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The 411 on Financial Scams and Trendy Investment Bubbles

By Become a Better Investor | Jun 24, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of June 20 - Become a Better #Investor

With the world watching the outcome of the UK’s EU Referendum vote our Top 5 is about market forecasting and predictions, Brexit not being the only investment concern on the horizon, and risky wealth management assumptions. All this and more…

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The Swedish 11 and the Zlatan of Financial Performance

By Become a Better Investor | Jun 23, 2016

The UEFA Euro 2016 is currently being played in France. We have created our own fantasy lineup and named it, The Swedish 11; comprising Swedish-listed companies selected based upon our Profitable Growth rank.

Besides presenting The Swedish 11, we also wanted to share with you the name of the company that is the Zlatan of financial performance.

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“The Economy ≠ The Stock Market”

By Become a Better Investor | Jun 17, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of June 13 - Become a Better #Investor

In this week’s Top 5, we look at equity country allocation when investing internationally, discover if there is any correlation between GDP and the stock market, and look at approaches to Socially Responsible Investing. All this and more…

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Profitable Growth is What Matters for Long-Term Value

By Andrew Stotz | Jun 16, 2016

World Class Benchmarking measures the financial performance of a company through Profitable Growth. Our database includes about 27,000 companies worldwide and each company is benchmarked versus all its global sector peers.

Learn more about it in this post, and why Profitable Growth is what matters to you as an investor.

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Are financial analysts’ earnings forecasts accurate?

By Andrew Stotz | Jun 10, 2016

This A. Stotz Academic-Style Research is revealing findings from Andrew’s dissertation and focuses on answering the question: Are financial analysts’ earnings forecasts accurate?

Read the full article to learn the answer…

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