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Learning that drives better investment decisions

The Wisdom and Nonsense in Prediction Markets and Forecasting

By Become a Better Investor | Nov 4, 2016

In the Top 5 this week, discover the myth behind passive investing, the power of prediction markets and why you shouldn’t worry about the odds of another recession coming. All this and more…

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Investing Is Not Just Buying Highly Profitable Companies

By A. Stotz Investment Research | Nov 3, 2016

We test if return on assets alone can generate outperformance. We tested our hypothesis over 10 years on about 10,000 stocks globally and couldn’t find support for it. In fact, the results indicate something else.

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Business DNA: Legend of the Turnaround Master

By Andrew Stotz | Nov 2, 2016

Poe Lothongkam is a turnaround champ. Founding two restaurants while still in college before moving into venture cap at Sequoia Capital. Poe then went back to Thailand to take over and lead SVI to what it is today.

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Operating the World’s Largest Mobile Network

By Become a Better Investor | Nov 1, 2016

China Mobile is the #1 mobile operator in China, with 63% mobile subscribers and a 69% market share. Yue Li, 56, has been CEO since March 2003 and kept the company’s Profitable Growth rank above average.

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Chinese Stocks Aren’t Cheap, Chinese Banks Are

By Become a Better Investor | Oct 31, 2016

The PE for the Chinese market appears to be cheap relative to the World average. However, if you look at it sector by sector, you’ll find that there are only three sectors trading below the world average on 2016CE* PE. Financials is the reason that China appears cheap on PE, the sector is very cheap and constitutes about one-third of the Chinese market capitalization.

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The Long and the Short of It

By Become a Better Investor | Oct 28, 2016
Top 5 of the Week October 24 - Become a #betterinvestor

In the Top 5 this week, discover the behavior gap in your finances, see if you’d pass a finance stress test, and learn the difference between investment management and financial advice. All this and more…

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Gettin’ Piggy With It

By Become a Better Investor | Oct 27, 2016

WH Group Limited is the world’s top pork processor by volume. Profitable Growth has improved since the company went public in 2014, after a really poor performance in 2013.

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Actively Managed Funds Are Risky Business

By Andrew Stotz | Oct 26, 2016

This book ranks 3 out of 22 in my personal rank of investing books. I loved the simple style of writing in The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. One of the biggest things I took out of this book was a chart which Bogle produced which broke returns over the last century down into three elements: Dividends, earnings growth, and PE change.

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The Road to Riches Isn’t Always Straight

By Become a Better Investor | Oct 25, 2016

The Zhejiang provincial government owns two-thirds of Zhejiang Expressway Company Limited, a public corporation that invests in and operates toll roads within this prosperous province of eastern China.

Under Jianhu Luo’s leadership, Zhejiang Expressway’s Profitable Growth rank has fallen to below average.

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Strong Earnings Momentum in Materials

By Become a Better Investor | Oct 24, 2016

Materials look attractive as earnings growth is expected to be solid in both 2016 and 2017. Consensus expectations are EPS growth of 11.5% in 2016 and 16.1% in 2017 for the Materials sector.

Heath Care is the only sector that delivers an ROE of above 20% globally.

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