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What Some Learners Have Said

“I did an internship in M&A in Bangkok a few years ago and my valuation skills were not as good at that time. Since then my plan was to improve my financial modeling and valuation skills. I had even brought a manual for financial modeling issued by Wall Street Prep. I definitely gained a lot of knowledge and experience in company valuation while going through modules 1 to 5 of the Valuation Master Class.”

– Jana Kristofova

“Andrew has an influential style. His teachings are based on real-life application from his own business with an emphasis on 'What works best' for each business. Not a one-size-fits-all approach. We can always learn new approaches to business or improve beyond where we currently are no matter how good we think our business is. It is when we stop being open to new perspectives and ideas, that we stop growing.”

– Daniel Remon

“In the past, I tried many ways to learn practical valuation like asking senior colleagues and friends, but the Valuation Master Class helped me clearly see the overall principles of valuation. In a very short amount of time, the Valuation Master Class guided me on how to start a valuation and where to focus my attention. I wish I knew about the Valuation Master Class earlier!”

– Pimfun Jierapipatkul

 “Before I entered the Valuation Master Class, valuation seemed like a foreign land to me, exciting but full of mystery. This course brought light to valuation which has just intensified my excitement for the course. Thanks to the effective team support from A. Stotz Investment Research, I could use the ValueModel with ease and comfort.”

– Lim Lee Bin

“I am reluctant to take most financial courses since so many of them are just a scam, but this is real and will help you to plan your finances better and avoid unnecessary losses in the stock market. Andrew is truly an expert and his advice is realistic, and can really be applied immediately.”

– Sarlilpak Uasuwonkul

“Andrew helped me to see a different approach to business and management. His discussion of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points is great for anyone in business, entrepreneurs, managers or anyone open to outside-the-box thinking.”

– Jerry Gonzales

“Every young student like me should start doing things right by thinking of the future. And one way to do that is to invest as early as today so that when the time comes when I need the money for retirement, I won't have to depend on anybody else.”

– Sharmaine Franco

 “Regardless of his or her career, everyone is required to make presentations, whether directly or indirectly, and Andrew elaborated on how to do them with impact.”

– Pisit Phutthacharoenwat

“Andrew taught me how to deliver a message to listeners effectively and how to convince other people to buy your ideas.”

– Wimintra Raj