Learning that drives better investment decisions

“This book provides a financial blueprint in simple, easy to understand, and follow steps."

“I only wish I had read and heeded the advice in this book when I was 18. Highly recommended.”

“Very well researched and the research is explained in an easy to understand manner.”


Are you tired of being bombarded by people promoting get-rich-quick schemes? This book cuts through the nonsense, distilling 20 years of the Andrew’s experience down to what you really need to know.


Get a step-by-step plan to achieve financial independence. In this Workbook Edition you get the original book, along with additional content such as learning outcome statements and quizzes.

Online Course

Not a big fan of reading? No problem, Andrew got you covered with his online course. Get lifetime access to 37 lectures and quizzes.

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What Readers and Students Have Said

“In my lifetime, I have possibly read over a hundred books on saving and investing for creating a secure future. This book is almost the same story of what I have done in an attempt to accumulate sufficient funds for a secure retirement – which I now have.”

“At first, I was quite nervous and unsure about taking the course, thinking that I don't know a single thing about investing in stocks. But after Dr. Stotz reassured that those who has zero knowledge will benefit the most, I felt that this was made just for me.”

“Overall this is a great and well-structured course by the instructor. Perfect for a people who want to start investing in stock market as well as a people who already start but didn't get the result they want.”

“I've found the advice in this little book to be EXTRAORDINARY; in just 12 simple steps, Mr. Stotz woke me up to a different reality of what I thought being an investor was, and it took me just a couple of hours to read this book.”

“If you are interested in investing in the stock market I advise you to take this course. You will learn the important steps in investing, how valuable time really is, the mistakes you shouldn’t make and most importantly the truth about getting rich quickly.”

“Whether you're just starting out as an investor or are already a seasoned professional; it does no harm to be reminded of the basics and Stotz' book accomplishes this extremely well.”

“I am giving a copy of this book to each of my adult children, and I am ordering several copies of this book to give as an additional gift—along with some money—to all of my nieces and nephews as they graduate from college and begin their careers.”

"This course is so helpful in starting a financial plan. I am reluctant to take on most financial courses out there since there is a lot of scams. This course is real and will only help you to plan your finance better and avoid unnecessary losses from the stock market."

“Detailed yet simple and concise explanations of investment strategies and terminology, applied examples, and a firm grounding for investing.”