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Thai Veggie Processor Gives Green Light to Growth Mode

By Become a Better Investor | Aug 2, 2017

Agripure Holdings Public Company Limited is a Thai producer of sweet corn and other processed, vacuum-packed, canned and fresh vegetables. All of its vegetables are grown and processed locally at its owned or contracted farms, but most of its output is sold and marketed overseas under the brands, Tastee and River Kwai.

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Founder Leads Thai Auto Parts Manufacturer to Growth Strategy

By Become a Better Investor | Aug 1, 2017

AAPICO Hitech Public Company Limited was established in 1996 to design, produce and install assembly jigs, especially for automotive manufacturing. Founder & CEO Yeap Swee Chuan has presided over the company since 1996.

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Asia Has the Highest Number of Equity Funds but the Lowest Amount of AUM

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 31, 2017
Asia has the highest number of #equityfunds but the lowest amount of AUM

Chart of the Day: Asia has the highest number of equity funds but the lowest amount of assets under management. The number of funds and total assets seem to be inversely correlated.

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It’s all about Momentum, Baby

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 28, 2017
Top 5 of the Week of July 24 - Become a #betterinvestor

In our Top 5 this week, we review lessons following the Great Financial Crisis, examine easy money decisions, and look at assessing fund manager performance. All this and more…

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Most of Global Assets Are Allocated to Equity Funds

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 27, 2017
Most of global assets are allocated to #equity funds

Chart of the Day: Most assets in the world are allocated to equity funds. Bonds and other asset classes together have a similar allocation at around US$9tn. The money market has the smallest asset allocation.

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Cash Holdings across Sectors from 1994 to 2016

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 26, 2017
#Cash Holdings across Sectors from 1994 to 2016

Chart of the Day: Looked at on average 14,000 companies around the world. Real Estate and Info Tech had the highest cash-to-sales, Energy and Consumer Staples the lowest.

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China No Longer Appears Cheap When Banks Are Excluded

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 25, 2017

The Chinese banks have a quite big impact on the overall market metrics, China ex Banks PE on 2017 earnings is at 25x versus 18x when banks are included. China no longer appears cheap when we exclude banks.

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Top 10 Chinese Cities by GDP and Market Cap as a Percentage of GDP

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 24, 2017

Chart of the Day: Beijing has the second highest GDP and the highest market cap to GDP. Shenzhen and Shanghai are in the top 5 in terms of GDP and second and third respectively in terms of market cap to GDP.

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Being a Successful Investor Requires a Specific Set of Characteristics

By Become a Better Investor | Jul 21, 2017
Top 5 of the Week July 17 - Become a #betterinvestor

In our Top 5 this week we explore bond duration exposure, Peter Bernstein’s investing wisdom, and universe selection for adaptive asset allocation testing. All this and more…

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Listed Companies and Their Total Value in the Top 10 Chinese Cities

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 21, 2017
Number of listed companies and their total value in the top 10 #Chinese cities

Chart of the Day: Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen have most listed companies and account for 51% of China’s total market capitalization. The remaining of the top 10 account for between 1-3% individually and 13% together.

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