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Your Wealth Engine – 31 October 2022

Your Wealth Engine – The show that helps you create, grow, and protect your wealth through the power of free-market Capitalism.

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Fed-led interest rate rise is spreading pain worldwide

  • Fed interest rate hiking cycle sweeping across the world
  • France and Germany are in a painful game of catch-up with the US
  • EM rates have been higher but kept low by China; FMs suffer the most
  • Rate rise reduced global earnings by 6.2%; in DM US and UK hit hardest
  • Corporate interest costs up to 4.8% from 3.3%; Profit hit at US, UK, Germany, and Brazil
  • Company Profile: Defensive supermarket in Singapore
  • Lessons from loss: 3 people I met last week help you protect your wealth

Your Wealth Engine comes in three segments

  • Create Wealth segment: Where you identify Your Wealth Engine and learn how to rev it up
  • Grow Wealth segment: Where you learn to carefully grow the wealth you create
  • Protect Wealth segment: Where you learn how to keep what you have worked so hard to create and grow

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