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Posts by Andrew Stotz

Business DNA: Bringing International Private Education to Thailand

Growing up in Singapore, Kelvin Koh Yew Hock, would get up very early and help his mom open her food store before washing up and going to school. Sports and Kelvin’s mom taught him perseverance. The same perseverance made him stay in Thailand and build his business, even though he arrived in the country just before one of its military coups.

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Business DNA: Thai Hacker Builds Cryptocurrency Exchange

A famous game, Red Alert, was an inspiration for Poramin Insom to jump into the world of cryptocurrencies. He wanted to know how to hack the game, developing a program to earn unlimited money for in-game purchases. His interest in hacking later brought him to Johns Hopkins University, and after that, he founded Satang Corporation.

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Mafia Monetary Policy – MMT Is Actually MMP

It turns out that Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is actually Mafia Monetary Policy (MMP). MMP is the US gov’t using force against others by hot and cold war means. The world is searching for an alternative to the US$, but the US gov’t will fight to the death to maintain its power.

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