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Seduced by Cricket with Suresh Mahadevan

My Worst Investment Ever: Was an angel investor in a startup that tried to harness India’s other religion – cricket. The company’s fantasy cricket app was to be first of its kind. Invested US$100K, was seduced by the fact that noted cricket personality was solo founder.

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VMC: WACC – Theory versus Reality

Since debt is cheaper than equity, in theory, this would mean that a company would prefer to be fully funded by debt to minimize its cost of capital. However, it’s not the case in reality that a company has a capital structure that is 100% debt.

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Gold Can Shine in Market Downturns

Gold has been a store of value for thousands of years and is sought for in times of uncertainty. Gold is highly liquid, bears no credit risk, and can work as a true diversifier to your portfolio as it usually has a low correlation to other asset classes.

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