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Integration and the Taguchi Loss Function: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 13)

Should we strive to better understand what happens “downstream” to our defect-free work? No matter the setting, if our work meets requirements and we pass it on, are we responsible for how well it integrates into a bigger system? In this episode, Bill Bellows and Andrew Stotz expand on the interaction between variation and systems and why Dr. Deming regarded Genichi Taguchi’s Quality Loss Function as “a better description of the world.”

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A. Stotz All Weather Strategies – December 2023

Equity rebound continued, and bonds were strong as well. Performance review of our strategies in December 2023 – All Weather Inflation Guard gained 3.0%, All Weather Strategy gained 2.2%, All Weather Alpha Focus gained 3.9%. Global outlook that guides our asset allocation.

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