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VMC: Careers in Finance with David Adu

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David Adu is a goal-oriented, strategic sell-side analyst with a passion for finance, investments and business development.

Some of the valuable insights David shared:

  • Combining your experience in whatever science subjects you studied in school gives you an added advantage.
  • Be prepared even before the opportunity comes knocking.
  • To succeed in finance you need good financial modeling skills or valuation, PowerPoint skills, and soft skills.
  • Once you have the right attitude, you’ll be able to survive wherever you find yourself.
  • Be sure that finance is what you want to do especially when coming from another field because the journey will not be easy.
  • Do a lot of reading. In the beginning, it might seem quite challenging, but just hold on, after a while, it starts to sink in.
  • Finance is a rewarding choice.

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