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Horse Race Betting and Mid-life Money Revelations

Top 5 of the Week of September 12

This week, we kick off our Top 5 with a look at what investors can learn from horse racing according to Micheal Batnick, author of The Irrelevant Investor. Morgan Housel, now a partner at Collaborative Fund, walks us through the difference between expectations and forecasts. And Ben Carlson, writer of A Wealth of Common Sense, shares the money revelations he learned in his 30s.

Vintage Value Investing’s John divulges Princeton professor of behavioral & cognitive psychology Daniel Kahneman’s learned insights into successful investing. And The Motley Fool’s Matthew Frankel reveals five things all investors should know…

Horse Race Betting Behavior Value Investors Can Learn From


  • Use the equation Value = Probability x Price for investing success when considering potential stocks; rather than just choosing ones you like the look of
  • Don’t give up on your strategy even if it’s unpopular to others and riskier bets seem more exciting
  • Today’s investor and horse player share another common point; that there’s no better time than this century to be involved in the stock market and the race track

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Forecasting Will Dupe You Into Believing You Should Act…


  • By analyzing historical performance of the stock market you can always set certain expectations for the future, but forecasting when those events will happen is very different
  • 12 recessions have occurred since the end of World War II; which averages to two every ten years, so expecting the pattern to continue puts you in an informed position
  • But it’s important not to let it affect your behavior; forecasting the next recession and trying to time the market in advance will only lead to regret

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Mid-life Money Revelations


  • Building wealth is about more than living below your means; it’s about driving your career prospects and seeking opportunities to earn more money
  • Property hasn’t always been the best form of investment but it’s a great way to plan out your finances, and making bigger payments will improve your returns
  • Time is the best investment you can spend money on; your family is the most important asset you have

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The Research Behind Cognitive Biases in Investors


  • Cognitive biases affect our behavior on a day-to-day basis and also influence our approach to investing
  • Anchoring bias; when making decisions (i.e. choosing stocks) we focus heavily on the first piece of information provided and don’t make objective choices
  • Loss aversion; monetary losses affect us much more painfully than any pleasure we get from receiving an equal amount in returns
  • Narrow framing; investors make shortsighted decisions and don’t consider the context of their entire portfolio

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5 Key Investment Principles Whether You’re New to Investing or Not


  • By diversifying your investments across different global sectors, your portfolio is better protected
  • The best retirement nest egg is constructed with patience and perseverance
  • “It’s folly to try and day trade your way to success,” think long-term instead
  • Be aware of the money you’re spending on financial costs—great returns mean nothing if you’re hemorrhaging money on fees

Which investing principles do you live by? Share in the comments section below.

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