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Past Betas Tend to Regress Towards 1.0x

Past betas tend to regress towards 1.0x | #ChartOfTheDay


  • On average 18,000 stocks listed at any point in time on any stock exchange in the world from 2002 to 2018
  • Grouped the stocks into quintiles based on the level of beta
    • Highest betas would be in the top quintile, lowest beta would be in the bottom quintile
  • Observed what happened to the average beta of these stocks over 10 years
  • Past betas tend to regress towards 1.00x
  • The beta you use for valuation is to infinity
  • To avoid mistake we use three betas: High risk: 1.25x, Average risk: 1.00x, low risk: 0.75x
  • If you use a beta outside of this range you have a higher obligation to justify


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