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Thailand Equity FVMR Snapshot: ‘Thailand in Your Hand—Every Week’

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the Thailand Equity FVMR Snapshot below.

Thailand Equity FVMR Snapshot – August 2016


Thailand’s ROE is slightly above the World; Health Care, Info Tech and Telecom are all delivering high ROE. The DPR in Thailand is slightly higher than the World’s, and the Telecom sector pays out most.


Thailand is trading below the world on PE and PB. Materials and Financials are cheapest on PE, while Industrials are most expensive. Energy is still pressured and trades at 1.1x PB, and Health Care is trading at expensive 7x PB.


EPS in Thailand is expected to grow faster than the World in 2016, but around the same level in 2017. The Telecom sector is expected to recover from the expensive 4G auctions. Strong 1Y performance in Consumer Discretionary and Industrials, and Info Tech has shown strong performance in past 3M.


Gearing in Thailand is higher than the World. Thailand has been less volatile than the World in the past 3M. Lowest volatility has been in Health Care and Industrials, while Info Tech has been most volatile.


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