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Thai Pork and Chicken Producer Moves from Worst to Best


Thaifoods Group Public Company Limited is engaged in the integrated food processing business that is based in Thailand.

TFG mainly produces chicken (whole chickens, parts and processed chicken) and live pigs for sale to brokers, retailers, slaughterhouses, industrial and modern trade companies, as well as the export market.

#Thaifoods Group is engaged in the poultry and live pig businesses

Business Description

TFG operates three principal business segments—poultry, swine and feed mills.

Its poultry business involves chicken breeding, chicken meat production and sales, sale of day-old chicks, live chickens, layer chickens and processed chicken. Going into 2016, TFG had 16 chicken breeder farms, which consist of 200 operational farmhouses, six hatcheries and three chicken slaughterhouses.

#ThaiFoods Group operates three principal business segments—poultry, swine and feed mills

Its swine business involves pig breeding, sale of live pigs and pork. TFG had more than 20,000 pigs on its farms. It also has pig farms in Vietnam.

TFG has several feed mills that produce food for animals (mainly chickens and pigs), which is primarily used in the raising of its own livestock, but is also sold to third-party customers.

TFG has other businesses that provide research facility services to third parties as well as developing vaccinations and medical supplies for animals. It also sells feed sacks and plastic farming equipment.


Chairman Chaipatr Srivisarvacha took over the reigns of the board at the end of 2015. Since then, TFG has greatly pivoted from the worst possible World Class Benchmarking ranking to the best in just two years.

CEO Winai Tiewsomboonkij has been in the position at #ThaiFoods Group for more than 15 years

CEO Winai Tiewsomboonkij has been in the position for more than 15 years, beginning in 2001.

World Class Benchmarking

Profitable Growth has improved to World Class from being ranked the worst in 2015.

Currently, it ranks among the top 56 of 560 global medium-sized companies in the consumer staples sector.

#ThaiFoods Group reversed downturn in 2015 to become #WorldClass in 2017

Profitability has returned to the top 3 from last place in 2015. Likewise, Growth has improved to World Class from #10 in 2015.

Asset utilization returned to #2 in the past 12 months, while Profit margin has reset to average.

Additionally, Sales growth and Margin change have both remained in the top 20% of the sector since 2016.

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