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Thai Electronics Manufacturer Ready to Become Global Player


Delta Electronics Public Company Limited is a Thai manufacturer and exporter of electronic components and power supplies.

Its factories are located in Thailand, India and Slovakia, and its main R&D facilities are in Thailand and Germany.

Delta Electronics #stock has recovered since 1H16

Business Description

DELTA divides its business into three groups: power electronics, energy management and “smart green life,” a segment focusing on energy-saving technology.

The company manufactures different types of power supplies, such as those for storage and networking uses, DC/DC converters and AC/DC adapters, such as those used in laptop chargers. Their main customers are companies in the IT and automotive industries.

Power systems include those used in telecommunications and uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), which work as backup energy sources to ensure there are no computer disruptions that cause loss of data.

70% of Delta Electronics revenue comes from power #electronics

DELTA also manufactures electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters used in electronics to suppress conductive interference and avoid disturbances in electronic systems; solenoids, which are electromagnets used to create controlled magnetic fields in electronic devices, systems and cars; fans; solar inverters; and LED lights and display systems.

Delta Electronics plans to boost non-telecom, high-growth segments, including data centers and industrial automation for alternative energy systems.


Chairman “James” Kong Meng Ng, a prior president of the company, has served as the Chairman since 1990.

Under Dick's tenure as President, Delta Electronics has seen its #growth falter

President “Dick” Shen-Yen Hsieh, who has served on the board prior to his current position, took over as President from “Henry” Heng Hsien Hsieh in 2014.

Dick has held a series of positions at the company since joining the Sales & Marketing division in 1991.

Dick holds an EMBA degree from the National Taipei University of Technology and has completed the Training Director Accreditation Program from the Thai Institute of Directors Association.

World Class Benchmarking

Profitable Growth has been in the green since 2013 but fell slightly to #2 from #1 in 2016.

The corporation is ranked among the top 130 of 650 large information technology companies globally.

Profitability has been the bright spot. It fell to #2 over the last 12 months. Growth, on the other hand, has been poor of late and currently ranks at #8.

Profitable Growth has been in the green since 2013 but fell slightly to no. 2 in 2016

Asset utilization has been steady at #4, while Profit margin maintained its top 3 ranking.

The Growth ranking has suffered, because Sales growth has been poor, while Margin change dropped to #9 in 2016 from #3 in 2015.

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