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Polyplex Thailand – World Class Benchmarking

Company: Polyplex Thailand Public Company Limited

Bloomberg ticker: PTL TB

Market cap: US$450m

Background: Thai manufacturing and distributing company. Produces and sells polyester films, metalized films, extrusion coated films, and other products. Operates PET film production lines, PET chips facilities, and metalized film production lines under the brand name as Sarafil.

World Class Benchmarking of Polyplex Thailand


  • Profitable Growth rank of 2 was same compared to the prior period’s rank of 2
  • This was World Class compared to 820 medium Materials companies worldwide
  • Profitability rank of 2 was better than its Growth rank of 3
  • That rank of 2 was the same compared to the prior period’s rank of 2
  • Profitability was World Class compared to its peers
  • Growth rank of 3 was up compared to the prior period’s rank of 4
  • This was above-average performance compared to its peers
  • Strength was all four factors across the board


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