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Malaysia Equity FVMR Snapshot: ‘Malaysia in Your Hand—Every Week’

By A. Stotz Investment Research | Apr 22, 2016

Malaysia Equity FVMR Snapshot: “Malaysia in your hand—every week.” This product is a weekly update on the Malaysian markets. It’s a one-page document that covers the way we invest, which is based on fundamentals, valuation, momentum, and risk—FVMR. Get this proprietary information in your inbox every Monday and you’ll always be up to speed on Malaysia equity.

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Complex Investing ≠ Smart Investing

By Become a Better Investor | Apr 22, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of April 18 - Become a Better #Investor

Discover how simple investing wins over complex, that lacking in love makes us riskier investors and how to become a master Jedi/value investor with Star Wars. This and more in this week’s Top 5…

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How to Avoid Being a Boiled Frog

By Become a Better Investor | Apr 15, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of April 11 - Become a Better #Investor

This week we look at how to deal with with our “money illusion”, investing as a game of probability, and why socially responsible investing is on the rise, as well as much more…

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Does More Information = More Money?

By Alexander Wetterling | Apr 15, 2016

Information is a central concept in investing. It’s central in the sense that an investor’s informational advantage can be the sole reason he or she makes money in the market, and might even be able to do so continuously. But does more information always equal to more money when investing in stocks?

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Momentum Investors: Forever Blowing Bubbles?

By Become a Better Investor | Apr 8, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of April 4 - Become a Better #Investor

This week we look at 5 techniques to choosing winning stocks, momentum investing and the effect of bubbles, as well as the influence parents’ investing habits have on their children. Read all this and more.

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Business DNA: Everyone Makes Mistakes – You Live and Learn by Them

By Andrew Stotz | Apr 8, 2016

Business DNA: Born as the seconded eldest of eight children, for Dennis, competition and the drive for success was an important factor in his upbringing. Early on Dennis learned “to start with a goal and put together a prepared plan to accomplish that goal” and “that a lot can be accomplished just by working hard.”

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Make Your Cash Work For You

By Become a Better Investor | Apr 1, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of March 28 - Become a Better #Investor

Check out what Stan Druckenmiller has to say about the future of the US economy, discover what to do with your cash, and learn how to arm yourself if you’re retiring at the start of a bear market. Read all this and more.

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How Rational is the Market?

By Alexander Wetterling | Apr 1, 2016

In this post we’ll focus on OUR aggregate rationality, i.e. the aggregate rationality of many individuals, or to word it easier; the market. You’ll discover how we are much smarter together rather than alone. And even though I believe that is true, I will let you know why I don’t think that is the case for stock markets, and why the market is more like a beauty contest.

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7 Sins of Investing

By Become a Better Investor | Mar 25, 2016
Top 5 of the Week of March 21 - Become a Better #Investor

This week we cover the 7 Sins of Investing, help you examine any red flags in your portfolio, take you back to basics to view investing with common sense, and much more.

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Noodles in Exchange for Investing Advice

By Andrew Stotz | Mar 25, 2016

During my recent trip to China, I explored the topic of the Chinese stock market, which appears cheap at a 13x price-to-earnings (PE) ratio. However, this is distorted by a very low PE financial sector that is a third of overall stock market value. While visiting Hefei, Anhui province a friend took me to a noodle shop in. The owner of the shop had asked my friend if he knew anything about investing because he had lost a lot of money in the stock market.

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