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My Worst Investment Ever July 2021

Ep423: Patrick Zulueta – To Achieve Success, Start Failing Now

BIO: Patrick Zulueta is a country pioneer for launching and managing technology brands. He’s helped Cashalo, PayMaya (Mai a), and BPI achieve millions of downloads and users, as well as triple-digit revenue growth in the first two years handling each of these brands.

STORY: Patrick’s worst investment was failing to invest in himself earlier in his career and only started doing so in his 30s.

LEARNING: Failure is an integral part of success, and the earlier you fail, the better. Start testing your ideas as early as possible.

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Ep422: Jonathan Yabut – Don’t Put Your Money in the Bank

BIO: Jonathan Yabut is the proud Filipino winner of the hit Asian reality TV show, The Apprentice Asia. Today, he is Asia’s leading motivational speaker on topics involving leadership, talent development of Gen Y workers, and office productivity.

STORY: Jonathan won $100,000 as the winner of The Apprentice. He took a large chunk of the money and left it sitting in the bank. He regrets never investing the money because it never made much from the bank.

LEARNING: Your money won’t grow if you put it in the bank. Ask questions to understand how an investment works.

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Ep421: Dennis Yu – Dream Big, Start Small

BIO: Dennis Yu is the CEO of BlitzMetrics, a digital marketing company that partners with schools to train young adults.

STORY: Dennis had a very good idea for a program, and once he launched it, he got more customers than he anticipated. Unfortunately, he was not able to execute the program well, and so it failed.

LEARNING: Just because you’re good in one business doesn’t mean you will automatically be good in another. Have a system in place to help you execute your ideas.

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Ep420: Jeff Heggie – It’s OK to Choose Failure over Losses

BIO: Jeff Heggie is an entrepreneur and success coach with a passion for helping others achieve their biggest dreams.

STORY: Jeff started a manufacturing business with a former client, and everything was going great until the 2008 financial crisis hit. While it would have been a better idea to close down the business then, Jeff put everything he had, including his house, into the business to try and salvage it. Unfortunately, it never recovered, and they had to finally close it after COVID-19 hit.

LEARNING: Sometimes, it’s better to accept failure instead of getting sucked into the sunk cost fallacy.

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Ep419: Karen Briscoe – I Can Change Me

BIO: Karen Briscoe is the creator of the transformative “5 Minute Success” concept. Her first book Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day: Secrets of a Top Agent Revealed, offers a combination of information and inspiration delivered through memorable stories.

STORY: Karen took over Huckaby Briscoe Conroy Group (HBC) when Sue Huckaby passed in 2008. The luxury business had high overheads, and Karen was having a tough time running it, but a past client came to her rescue.

LEARNING: Invest in yourself because you are your greatest asset. Take your challenges and turn them into confidence.

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Ep418: Marina Krivonossova – Never Give Anyone Money without a Contract

BIO: Marina Krivonossova is a Russian-American currently based in the Netherlands, pursuing a master’s degree in political science.

STORY: Marina was looking for accommodation in the Netherlands when she met a fellow Californian lady on Facebook. They decided to move in together. Marina made the mistake of leaving her in charge of the lease. One day, she came home to find the lady had canceled the lease and didn’t want to live with her anymore. Marina was left homeless and a few thousand dollars poorer.

LEARNING: Never trust anyone with your money unless you have a legal contract in place.

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Ep417: Andrew Stotz – How to Value a Startup

This story started when Dan, a podcast listener, replied to my recent weekly email with this question, “How do you value a startup, especially if there is no revenue?”

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Ep416: Doug Gordon – Live Your Purpose Every Day

BIO: Doug Gordon is an international speaker, radio presenter, and CEO of D&S Performance Optimisation. He spent 21 years in the investment industry selling hedge funds and mutual funds B2B to global banks, institutional fund managers, and stockbrokers.

STORY: In the past, Doug would follow other people’s dreams and would often be motivated by money. This got him stressed, depressed, and anxious. Eventually, he decided to follow his true purpose, and now his focus is on living his dream while helping people find their true calling.

LEARNING: The more grateful you are, the more you open yourself to receiving more. Bring purpose to everything you do.

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Ep415: Joy Abdullah – Enhance Your Self Awareness for Success

BIO: Joy Abdullah helps B2B service business owners, CEOs, and their teams to create emotive impact and influence using organic marketing.

STORY: Joy was out of work in 2018, and he did everything he could to get another job without success. He was driven into a joint business venture with a friend out of fear of being financially unstable. The two didn’t quite think through the business model, and two years later, Joy was burned out and couldn’t run the venture anymore.

LEARNING: Success comes from understanding your customer’s needs, not from what you know or your expertise. Hone in on what your market wants instead of chasing revenue.

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Ep414: Andrew Stotz – What It Takes to be Financially World Class

Many years ago, the management team of the business I co-own in Thailand, CoffeeWORKS, made it through the tenth year of an annual (and massive) quality audit done by one of our multinational customers. Our customer congratulated us for having World Class quality, the feeling among our management team and all employees was ecstatic. Since that time, we have maintained that World Class level of quality in CoffeeWORKS.

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Ep413: Christina Demetriades – Always Take Care Of Yourself First in Any Relationship

BIO: Christina Demetriades works as a personal leadership coach, trainer, and coach/mentor supervisor. Through her work, she empowers and motivates people to succeed in their goals and to enjoy a fulfilling, meaningful career and life consciously.

STORY: Christina suffered a severe back issue that left her bedridden and wholly dependent on others. When she got better, all she wanted was to live life. She met a man whom together they built an adventurous life. Christina got so immersed in the relationship that she lost herself. Her priority was her boyfriend. Everything was about him and not her. When they broke up, she was so empty after giving her all to him.

LEARNING: The most valuable relationship you have is with yourself. Be an independent person and bring value to your relationships.

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Ep412: Weldon Long – Sell Your Way Out of Financial Trouble

BIO: Weldon Long is a successful entrepreneur, sales expert, and author of the NY Times Bestseller, The Power of Consistency-Prosperity Mindset Training for Sales and Business Professionals.

STORY: Weldon started his first business a year after he got out of prison. The business grew very fast, and within no time, Weldon began buying out other bigger companies. In the process, he accumulated so much debt and had to find the best way out of it to avoid bankruptcy.

LEARNING: You cannot cheat, lie or borrow your way out of financial trouble. You’ve got to sell your way out of it.

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Ep411: Patt Soyao – Make Your Dreams Real

BIO: Patt Soyao is currently the Managing Director and founder of Icon Executive Asia, an executive solutions firm that focuses on executive search and executive events that services a roster of high profile and high net worth clientele.

STORY: Patt won the chance to run an event for a high-level multinational. The event would cost him about $100,000, but he had $5,000 only. His former business partner got him someone to lend them the money, but he’d have to pay back $30,000 in interest. This was equivalent to his profit. Patt had no choice but to accept the deal since he already had a contract with the multinational.

LEARNING: Have enough funds to run your business before you start. Be careful when borrowing money from friends.

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