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My Worst Investment Ever April 2021

Ep371: Robert Paylor – You Can Overcome Your Biggest Challenges

BIO: Robert Paylor suffered a spinal cord injury in 2017 while playing rugby. He has picked himself up to defy the odds. Robert graduated from UC Berkeley, is winning the fight to walk again, and is sharing his method of how he overcomes quadriplegia.

STORY: Robert suffered a spinal cord injury while playing rugby and could not move anything below his neck. He fought so hard to walk again to satisfy himself, but after a letter from one of his rugby trainees battling cancer, Robert realized that he needed to fight his challenges to inspire others.

LEARNING: To overcome challenges, you must first believe that you can. You can overcome your challenges, do not let the world tell you otherwise.

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Ep370: Rashmi Shetty – When You Let Go Of External Validation the World Opens Up

BIO: Rashmi Shetty is a Voice and Attitudinal Coach and a Professional Certified Coach from ICF. She brings decades of work experience in various sectors such as academia, hospitality, storytelling, consulting, coaching, radio anchoring, and emceeing.

STORY: As a shy young lady in college, Rashmi decided to try out for the Union council secretary, but when it was time to deliver her campaign speech, she froze. The whole school booed her. This event was so embarrassing, and she carried this burden for years only to find out recently that nobody really thought much about it after the elections.

LEARNING: People are a lot less interested in you than you think they are. Everyone has their own life to look into, and you’re the last on that list. So just chill, make or break those failures, learn from them and move on.

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Ep369: Mustafa Sherif – Making Friends with Everyone May Leave You with No One

BIO: Mustafa Sherif is an urban planner with a big focus on the social sustainability aspect of city development. He is also the host of the Urbanistica podcast.

STORY: Mustafa would easily make friends to a point where he had hundreds of friends. However, after running a social experiment, he realized that he had spent so much time and money building friendships that were just one-sided.

LEARNING: The smaller your inner circle, the deeper the relationships. Real friendships are two-sided and do not need to drain your energy or time.

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Ep368: Michael Stanhope – Think Long-Term When Building Your Investment Portfolio

BIO: Michael Stanhope is the Founder & CEO of Hubbis, a leading provider of content and learning solutions for Asia’s Wealth Management & Private Banking Industry. The company has a business in Hong Kong and Singapore and operates across the region.

STORY: Michael has made several investment mistakes, each caused by taking a short-term view on his investments as opposed to thinking about them in the long term. He shares a few of these investments gone bad.

LEARNING: Think long-term when building your wealth. Get a qualified financial advisor to help you create a diversified long-term portfolio.

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Ep367: Lorenzo Flores – Invest in Learning to Breakout of Complacency

BIO: Lorenzo Flores, a twenty-year veteran in retail leadership, has rejuvenated, inspired, and rebuilt over a dozen teams throughout his career.

STORY: After years of hard work, Lorenzo finally became a manager. He was super excited to get this title, and he thought that he had finally arrived at his destination. He plateaued and settled in his title, stagnating his career and personal growth for six years.

LEARNING: A title or a job is not the end destination or a place to plateau and settle; you still need to put in work to keep growing. It does not matter how much time it takes to get to where you want to go; it is the work you put in that matters.

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Ep366: Brendan Rogers – Improve Your Performance by Being Open to Input From Others

BIO: Brendan provides consulting services and resources to leaders who want to become more effective and their teams to become less dysfunctional. He is the Host of The Culture of Things Podcast.

STORY: Brendan got an idea to buy shares in a telecommunications company in the early 90s. But because he and his partner were just starting a family, his partner discouraged him from making the investment. He ignored her and ended up losing almost all his money.

LEARNING: You are not always right, be open to other people’s perspectives. Women, don’t be afraid to ask your partners about money and investing.

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Ep365: Brandon Bornancin – Do Whatever It Takes to Make Your First Million

BIO: Brandon Bornancin is a serial entrepreneur; he’s currently the Founder & CEO of one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies in the US, Seamless.AI.

STORY: Brandon believes that his worst investment ever was not learning how to make a million dollars sooner.

LEARNING: There is no special requirement to becoming a millionaire; you just have to put in the work.

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Ep364: Kunal Chandiramani – Do Not Pay For Media Coverage

BIO: Kunal Naresh Chandiramani is an Internet entrepreneur, inventor, and best-selling author. He is the founder and CEO of KStar and subsidiaries and host of dToks.

STORY: Kunal was launching a new venture, so he paid for media coverage with the hopes of getting thousands of customers. His ROI was horrible.

LEARNING: Do not pay for media coverage; instead, attract customers organically. Media coverage does not guarantee sales.

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Ep363: Troy Holt – Save Your Money Reserves During Financial Hardships

BIO: Troy Holt is a financial educator, an independent coach, speaker, trainer, author, and podcast host. He is also the CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of Troy Holt Consulting.

STORY: In 2014, Troy decided to quit a job that he no longer enjoyed and got another one that paid him a small salary and a commission. The money he was making could barely sustain his lifestyle. Instead of making lifestyle changes, he used money he’d received after his mom died as his fallback plan.

LEARNING: If money is tight, cut down your costs to a bare minimum. Put your trust in your family and friends, not money.

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Ep362: Yaswanth Sai Palaghat – Follow Your Passion on Top Of Getting an Education

BIO: Yaswanth Sai Palaghat is a YouTuber who focuses on tech and career development (as well as many other areas), and he also interviews leaders and influencers.

STORY: Yaswanth made the mistake of following the crowd and chose to take an engineering course. After a year at the university, he realized that he was wasting his money, he topped engineering while following his passion.

LEARNING: Follow your passion, teach yourself so you can turn it into a skill, then create an opportunity from it. Over and above your education, develop a skill that differentiates you.

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Ep361: Kenny Weiss – Facing Your Demons Will Lift You Up to the Sky

BIO: Kenny Weiss is a Life Coach, YouTuber, Podcaster, and Author. His mission is to help people learn about their ‘worst day cycle’ so they can stop repeating events that hold them back and live up to their full potential.

STORY: Kenny has faced so much pain in his life. From childhood trauma to multiple addictions to an abusive marriage to bankruptcy and more. All this pushed him to contemplate suicide. While writing a suicide note to his kids, Kenny realized that all he needed to do was to let go and surrender to his pain to find healing.

LEARNING: To heal, you have to let go and accept your flaws and mistakes. Write down all your mistakes—this will give you clarity and start you on the path of self-forgiveness.

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Ep360: David Barnett – 21 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Business

BIO: David Barnett is the author of 21 Stupid Things People Do When Trying To Buy a Business. Presently he works as a private transaction advisor with people buying or selling a business.

STORY: We get a preview of his book as he takes us through the top 5 stupid mistakes people make when buying a business.

LEARNING: David shares a host of lessons for people trying to buy a business.

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Ep359: Marc Miller – Move Towards Simplicity in Your Life

BIO: Marc Miller is the founder of Career Pivot, which helps those in the second half of life design careers that they can grow into for the next 30 years. He is also an author and podcast host.

STORY: Marc was a relentless risk-taker until a bike accident, and the risk of contracting SARS-CoV-1 stopped him hot on his heels.

LEARNING: Learn how to evaluate risk and ask for help if need be. Step back and think about what you really want to do with life. Andrew’s advice is to be grateful, like what you do, keep life simple, find clarity and let go.

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Ep358: Taylor Ryan – Your Customers Can Validate Your Startup Ideas, Talk to Them

BIO: Taylor Ryan is an American entrepreneur and a 6x startup founder with 13+ years of marketing and startup experience spread across 10 industries within large and small organizations.

STORY: Taylor wanted to be financially independent straight from uni, but he graduated at the height of the economic crisis so that he couldn’t get a job. While networking, he met two guys who invited him to join their e-commerce startup in the food-tech niche. He joined them, and they created a fantastic platform but barely made any sales. Their mistake was creating a platform that no one needed.

LEARNING: Talk to your ideal customer to find out if there is a need for your product. Make sure that you have monthly financial statements for your startup.

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Ep357: Matt Franklin – If You Are Young, Consider Buying a House Right Now

BIO: Matt Franklin and a friend developed PostureNow to help people improve their posture. They presented it at Shark Tank and ended up making pretty good money from the device. Matt also runs his video production business, Bottle Rocket Labs, and has found a new obsession of learning about investing and preparing for retirement.

STORY: When Matt was 28, he had a job while studying economics. Even though he was making good money, he blew it all. Matt regrets not buying a house then because today it would be worth so much.

LEARNING: Buy a house when you are young, especially if you know you will stay put for at least four years. Take advantage of incentives given to home buyers in the US. Andrew’s advice is to invest in what is right for you.

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