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Global Equity FVMR Snapshot – August 2016

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Developed Markets are only more profitable in terms of ROE than Emerging Markets because of the US. Looking at Developed non-US the ROE becomes 9.4% (instead of 11.8%) versus Emerging Markets at 10.8%. Asia is the most profitable region among Emerging Markets.

Besides Japan, companies in Developed Markets pay out more of their profits to shareholders relative to Emerging Markets. Developed Europe has the highest dividend payout ratio.


US increases the valuation of Developed Markets. Excluding US, Developed Markets trade closer to Emerging Markets on price-to-book. Taking ROE into account, we then can see that Emerging Markets are more attractive than Developed non-US.

Even though the US has higher ROE, it’s less attractive on ROE/PB relative to both Emerging Markets and Developed non-US. Most ROE for the price-to-book you pay, you’ll get in Emerging Europe.


Consensus expect earnings growth to be slow in 2016 more or less across the board. The two standing out is Latin America that is expected to rebound, and Japan where earnings are expected to grow by 9.2%.

In the past 2W Emerging Markets have returned 2.5% versus Developed Markets at 0.3%. Asia (Emerging and Developed) and Latin America has shown the strongest price performance.


US has the highest net debt-to-equity in Developed Markets, and Latin America has the highest in Emerging Markets.

Price volatility in the past 3M has been slightly higher in Developed markets; driven by volatility in Japan and Europe. US and Emerging Asia have had the lowest volatility.


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