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Business DNA

Business DNA: Face to Face with Armed Guards

Business DNA: Masthawin Charnvirakul joined one of his family’s companies, STP & I, and was quickly appointed to pilot it through its darkest time. Masthawin’s leadership emphasized changes that have brought the company to the financial success it is experiencing today.

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Business DNA: Your Word is Your Bond

Business DNA: Khalid M. Hashim was raised in Calcutta and Bombay in India by a middle-class family with a long tradition in shipping and trading, but he represents the first generation to actually own such a business. Khalid wanted early on to go into shipping, but his father insisted that he gain a university degree and explore all areas of the industry through internships and jobs before he committed to sea transport. Khalid describes the business of Precious Shipping PCL: “In a very simple way, we connect cargoes between exporting countries and importing nations – as simple as that. That’s what we do – carry it safely, correctly, and without any problems.”

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