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Learning that drives better investment decisions

Andrew Stotz on ValueTalks, The Money Tree Investing Podcast, and The Camilita® Podcast

Recently, Andrew has been a guest on a few podcasts that we’d like to share with you.

ValueWalk’s ValueTalks

ValueTalks’ host Raul Panganiban interviews Andrew about how he ended up in the world of finance, his investing style, if young people should pursue a career in finance, and much more. Raul and Andrew are also talking about how the Valuation Master Class is a great starting point for the next generation of financial analysts and value investors.

The Money Tree Investing Podcast

Kirk Chisholm and Andrew “discuss our worst investments ever. Want to learn from the mistakes of others? Good. It is a lot smarter than making them yourselves. This week we discuss some Titanic investing failures and the top 6 mistakes to avoid at all costs.”

The Camilita® Podcast

Camilita highlighted a quote to summarize the episode: “You don’t get rich in the stock market, you get rich taking calculated risks, doing your research and having a strong team.”