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A. Stotz All Weather Strategies – June 2024

The All Weather Strategy is available in Thailand through FINNOMENA. If you’re interested in our allocation strategy, you can also join the Become a Better Investor Community. Please note that this post is not investment advice and should not be seen as recommendations. Also, remember that backtested or past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

What happened in world markets in June 2024

Performance of the World stock markets

  • The tech-heavy NASDAQ index performed great
  • Japan was up too
  • China did poorly
  • And Europe fell as well

Find the updated Performance of the World stock markets here.

World Equity continued up in June

  • In 2023, World stocks were up 22.8%
  • In 2024YTD, global stocks gained 11.6%
  • Expectations of rate cuts in 2H24 supported stocks in June 2024
  • The Info Tech sector was a key driver

Global Bonds rose slightly in June

  • Expectations about rate cuts in 2H24 in the US and EU supported global Bonds

Commodities rebounded in June 2024

WTI oil closed Jun 2024 at US$83/bbl

  • Expectations of falling inventories in the West led to a rise in oil price

Energy was the main driver of Commodities in June 2024

Gold dropped slightly in June 2024

  • Gold closed the month at US$2,326/oz
  • The Gold price consolidated as the news was mixed in June

All currencies have weakened >10% against Gold in 2024YTD

  • Typically, a stronger US$ means a lower gold price in US$ and vice versa

US retail sales are weak

  • US Retail Sales increased 2% over the last year, but after adjusting for higher prices, they were down 1.2%
  • The US consumer appears to be pulling back

Fed keeps rate unchanged at 5.25%-5.50%

  • New dot plots show one rate cut in 2024 (earlier this year, it was three)

Foreigners hold less US debt by half

  • The share of US Treasuries owned by foreigners has massively declined
  • Given the amount of new debt the US issues, this will likely become a problem

China dumps US Treasuries for Gold

  • China has been buying Gold and selling US Treasuries in the past decade

Buffett likes US Treasuries, though

A house might not be the investment it once was

  • Buying a house or an apartment has been a great investment in many Asian and European countries
  • However, with collapsing demographics, one should probably not extrapolate this trend

Canada’s real estate bubble is massive

  • In the 1990s, Japan’s massive real estate bubble popped, and it still hasn’t recovered
  • It’s known as one of the largest real estate bubbles ever
  • Canada is twice as big!

Performance review: All Weather Inflation Guard

All Weather Inflation Guard gained 0.3%

Since inception, the strategy was up 7.1% and 6.9% above a 40/60 portfolio

  • The strategy has also experienced less volatility

In June 2024, the strategy was up 0.3%, which was 0.6% below the 40/60 portfolio

  • Our 5% target allocations to World Energy and Commodities did poorly
  • Our 10% target allocation to TIPS outperformed Global Bonds

Performance review: All Weather Strategy

All Weather Strategy gained 0.2%

Since inception, the strategy was up 45.2% and 19.1% above a 60/40 portfolio

In June 2024, the strategy was up 0.2%, which was 0.8% below the 60/40 portfolio

  • Our 25% target allocation to APAC ex JP, CN did great
  • While our 25% target allocations to Gold and Developed Europe dragged on performance relative to the 60/40 portfolio

Performance review: All Weather Alpha Focus

All Weather Alpha Focus gained 0.6%

Since inception, the strategy was up 0.6% and 5.8% above a 60/40 portfolio

And 1.9% below World Equity, but with a lot less volatility

  • We have reduced our equity allocation to 68%, which leads to a lag as World Equity performs well

In June 2024, the strategy was up 0.6%, which was 0.4% below the 60/40 portfolio

  • Our 17% tilt to World Healthcare outperformed but our 17% tilt to World Infrastructure offset most of that gain
  • Our tilts to Gold and Global Bonds dragged on performance

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