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The Swedish 11 and the Zlatan of Financial Performance

In case you’re not a fan or just don’t follow football, the UEFA Euro 2016 is currently being played in France. We have representatives from a few nationalities here at Become a Better Investor, however just the one European; a Swede. So it follows naturally—at least if you ask Alex—that we should create our own fantasy lineup. And name it, The Swedish 11; comprising Swedish-listed companies selected based upon our Profitable Growth rank.

Besides presenting The Swedish 11, we also wanted to share with you the name of the company that is the Zlatan Ibrahimović (“The greatest player in the world, ever,” Alex translated for us) of financial performance.

Watch the video below where we reveal The Swedish 11. If you want the full report with details on all the companies mentioned and to join us at Become a Better Investor, use the form below.

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