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A Tale of Two Health Companies: Bumrungrad vs ZMC

The healthcare sector has long been one of the most consistently solid performers around the globe. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that every health and medical investment is created equal – and that’s particularly true on a global scale. Take for instance Bumrungrad Hospital (BH TB) in Bangkok, Thailand and Zhejiang Medicine Co. (600216 CH) in China – two companies in the sector that are on very different trajectories. For an in-depth breakdown on what makes has led these companies on such different paths, check out the video below:



What are your thoughts on the Health Care Sector? What do you think about Bumrungrad and ZMC? I would love to hear your thoughts! Any comments or question you might have, I would like to know.  Is anything unclear? Please let me know in a comment below. 


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Originally published on August 20, 2015 at: