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My Worst Investment Ever September 2022

Ep599: Kirk Chisholm – A Paradigm Shift Is Happening in the Markets

BIO: Kirk Chisholm is a wealth manager and principal of Innovative Advisory Group and Host of the popular podcast Money Tree Investing.

STORY: Kirk shares his thoughts regarding the current status of the global markets.

LEARNING: Always check your assumptions. Cash is now safer than bonds. Now is not the time to buy.

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Ep598: Randall Crowder – Don’t Settle for the Easy Way

BIO: Randall Crowder is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and venture capitalist who is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Phunware, a publicly-traded technology company on NASDAQ.

STORY: Randall spent too much time being a venture capitalist when all he ever wanted was to be an entrepreneur.

LEARNING: Sometimes, the easy way is absolutely the wrong way. Don’t just take what’s right before you, especially when you know it’s not what you want to do. Nothing good comes easy; you must fight or work for the good things in your life.

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Ep597: Lance Depew – You’re Going to Lose Despite Your Best Efforts

BIO: Lance Depew has over 30 years of equity research, portfolio management, and corporate finance experience.

STORY: Lance’s worst investment was in a company called Transocean. He bought shares on in 2006 at $80.35 a share. He ultimately exited the position in 2020, when the shares sold at less than $1 a share.

LEARNING: Regardless of how smart you are and how much homework you do, things can go wrong when investing. Take steps to de-risk your positions.

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Ep596: Vijay Pravin Maharajan – Spend Time, Not Money Before You Invest

BIO: Vijay Pravin Maharajan is the Founder and CEO of bitsCrunch GmbH, a Blockchain Analytics company focused on securing the NFT ecosystem.

STORY: Vijay lost over 90% of his savings after investing blindly in cryptocurrency.

LEARNING: Do thorough due diligence before investing in anything. Don’t follow people blindly.

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Ep595: Taimur Baig – Don’t Let the Upsides Distract You From the Downsides

BIO: Taimur Baig heads global economics and macro strategy for interest rate, credit, and currency at DBS Group Research.

BIO: Taimur Baig heads global economics and macro strategy for interest rate, credit, and currency at DBS Group Research.

STORY: Taimur invested in his friend’s hedge fund that was dealing with Iraqi stocks. He lost 50% of his investment after the country entered a war three years later.

LEARNING: Don’t get swayed by the upside and forget about the downside. Always analyze the risks, especially when the deal seems too good.

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Ep594: Jem Bourouh – Know What You Want to Do and Who You’re Doing It For

BIO: Jem Bourouh is 24 years old and a serial entrepreneur from Germany. With his Google Ads agency Adcubator, Jem and his team have spent more than $318 million profitably.

STORY: Jem’s worst investment ever was enrolling for a Bachelor’s degree without thinking clearly about what he wanted to do with his life after university. This saw him try out many things that failed due to a lack of proper focus. He is yet to finish his degree.

LEARNING: Understand what you want to do and for who you’re doing it. Focus on the journey to get to the goal.

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Ep593: John Lawson – Turn Your Pain Into Motivation to Make a Change

BIO: John Lawson is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author. His entrepreneurial spirit helped him achieve a level of success that few obtain.

STORY: A friend convinced John to buy a house and flip it. He took a loan and got into the project. The friend was in charge of the renovations and made changes, which reduced the home’s value and made it impossible to sell for a profit. John was stuck with the home for eight years.

LEARNING: Never depend on other people to watch your money. Monitor your investment consistently.

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Ep592: Keith Johns – Don’t Let FOMO Push You into Investments

BIO: Adam Carroll has decades of experience working with families and business owners interested in creating massive efficiencies in their income and wealth-building capacity.

BIO: Keith Johns helps corporate leaders who are feeling stuck in their 9-5 break free from corporate by building and scaling a purpose-driven business.

STORY: Keith came across two Facebook marketing programs and bought them for five figures because he didn’t want to miss out. He only had time to implement one of the programs. He is yet to implement the second one to date.

LEARNING: Don’t let the fear of missing out (FOMO) push you to do something before you’re ready. Don’t let emotions or flawed thinking affect your investment decision.

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Ep591: Nick Karadza – Learn How to Identify and Solve Problems

BIO: Ralph Burns is the Founder and CEO of Tier 11, a digital marketing agency that utilizes a proprietary system called Customer Acquisition Amplification™ to unlock the online potential of purpose-driven businesses to help them scale and grow.

BIO: Nick Karadza and his brother Tom quit their jobs in the software industry to start Rock Star Real Estate. The company has over 60 people and works with thousands of clients who have purchased billions of dollars in income property across Ontario.

STORY: Nick bought his first fixer-upper property when he was 21. What he thought would be a quick-fixing job turned out to be much more work than he had anticipated. After much hard work, he sold the property and made a negligible profit.

LEARNING: Understand the real estate market before you invest in it.

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Ep590: Miguel Rodriguez – Protect Your IP Before Pitching Your Idea

BIO: Miguel Rodriguez is the CEO of the US Presidential Service Center. He has retired from an outstanding US government career and is currently a facilitator with the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management Program.

STORY: Miguel was actively involved in developing government contracting with companies. Some of these companies would take his ideas and start side projects without his knowledge. This led him to learn the importance of protecting his intellectual properties the hard way.

LEARNING: Always have an NDA with you before pitching your ideas. Get compensated for your intellectual property.

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Ep589: Sahil Vaidya – Wear an Attitude of Gratitude

BIO: Sahil Vaidya co-founded The Minimalist in 2015, one of India’s fastest-growing creative solutions companies. In 2019, Sahil was featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list.

STORY: Sahil’s worst investment was investing too much time chasing dopamine hits.

LEARNING: Incorporate gratitude in your life. Don’t be fooled by the shiny object syndrome.

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Ep588: Tony Whatley – Just Walk Away

BIO: Tony Whatley is an entrepreneur, business mentor, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker.

STORY: An unplanned pregnancy saw Tony stay in a bad relationship that worsened daily and threw him into depression.

LEARNING: Don’t be afraid to walk away from a bad situation. Always know your self-worth.

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Ep587: Vitaliy Katsenelson – Be Willing to Endure Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

BIO: Vitaliy has written two books on investing and is an award-winning writer. Known for his uncommon common sense, Forbes Magazine called him “The New Benjamin Graham.”

STORY: Vitaliy bought stocks in a company that had been named the worst company ever. He bought the stock at $16, it went to $10, and then up to $26. Vitaliy sold, and this is a decision that he regrets. Today, the stock is at $120.

LEARNING: Be willing to endure short-term pain for long-term gain. Don’t stop researching. Use stop losses to exit bad investments.

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