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My Worst Investment Ever November 2021

Ep475: Thanawit Ounsakul – Find Your Investment Style and Stick To It

BIO: Thanawit Ounsakul is a Petroleum Engineer with enthusiasm for business and the people behind it. He is a long-term investor who has been riding the financial wave since 2006 and blogs about his investment views.

STORY: Thanawit came across a stock whose valuation seemed ok, and analysts said it would go up drastically. He bought it without further research only to make a 50% loss a year later. There was no hope of the stock rising because demand for the company’s commodity had shifted.

LEARNING: Don’t depend on quantitative analysis only; use qualitative analysis too to value a company. Buy cyclical stocks when PE is expensive and sell when they’re cheap.

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Ep474: Sakthivel Thevar – Invest Your Time in the Right People

BIO: Sakthivel Thevar is a highly sought-after international speaker and Maximum Performance coach within the business and corporate circles.

STORY: Sakthivel was looking for a mentor when he first joined the corporate world. Without much thought into it, he went with the first guy who offered to mentor him. He didn’t gain much from the mentor even after working with him for months. The mentor was just not the right fit.

LEARNING: Be clear about the kind of people you want to invest in. Take your time, don’t rush when finding a mentor.

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Ep473: JB The Wizard – Embrace the Magic of Getting Into Alignment

BIO: JB The Wizard received his name from his clients when seemingly hard-to-explain breakthroughs were happening in business when he was simply focusing on the individual.

STORY: JB was already a master of self-development and alignment, but he needed another skill to make more money. So for over 14 years, he learned all about online marketing. This was a poor time investment because now his clients pay him for his self-development and alignment skills, not online marketing skills.

LEARNING: Be ready to say no to many things if you want to stay in alignment. Focus exclusively on your customer and their needs.

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Ep472: Joseph Frankie – Some Things Are Just Out of Your Control

BIO: Joseph Frankie (Joe) is a West Point graduate who had a full multifunctional military career as a warfighter and logistician.

STORY: Joe got into a deal in China that was quite lucrative. However, the financial crisis of 2008 hit and saw him lose everything he’d invested in the deal.

LEARNING: Walk away from a cul-de-sac and get onto something else fast. Failure is not always your fault but how you react to it is your full responsibility.

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Ep471: Fred Diamond – Learn How to Recognize Opportunities

BIO: Fred Diamond is the co-founder of the Institute for Excellence in Sales, a member organization for sales leaders and their teams.

STORY: Fred had a friend in college who reached out to him three times requesting him to work for him over the years. Fred turned him down every single time. That friend ended up building a company that he sold three times over for five billion dollars.

LEARNING: Be open to the opportunities that come your way. Work with people you like and trust and who trust you too.

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Ep470: Jeff Bullas – Don’t Force Things, Learn to Go With Your Flow

BIO: Jeff Bullas is the owner of Forbes calls him a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent. Entrepreneur lists him among 50 online marketing influencers to watch. has him on the list of 20 digital marketing experts to follow on Twitter.

STORY: Jeff bought a mattress and bedding furniture store, an area he had no experience or passion in. He did no research or did any due diligence, and within no time, he was deep in debt and had to close the store. He lost everything, including his marriage and the family home.

LEARNING: Don’t start a business unless you have expertise and passion in that industry. Running a business is not all about the money.

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Ep469: Brennan Spellacy – Differentiate Between One-Way and Two-Way Doors in Your Life

BIO: Brennan Spellacy is one of the co-founders and CEO of Patch, the platform for negative emissions.

STORY: Brennan got offered a full-time junior software development job at Shopify after completing his internship, but he turned it down so that he could go back to complete his degree. The job came with stock options that would be worth an eight-figure today. He never got to use his degree.

LEARNING: Seek help from the right people when making decisions. Ask yourself if your decision is permanent or nonpermanent.

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Ep468: Emmanuel Michael – Test Your Market Before Starting Your Business

BIO: Emmanuel Michael, a leadership and career success coach, is a seasoned and highly sought-after strategic business leader with over 20 years of management experience spanning various industries.

STORY: Emmanuel started a locks business that saw him lose over $30,000. His biggest problem was not testing the market before buying the locks.

LEARNING: Test your market first before you launch your product. Always think about how you’re going to get customers.

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Ep467: Marvin Germo – Focus On Things That Bring You Cash Flow

BIO: Marvin Germo is a stock market trader, entrepreneur, best-selling book author, international keynote speaker, brand influencer, and personal financial consultant in the Philippines.

STORY: Marvin was enticed to buy his first stock by his colleague who was having good luck with his. Marvin’s luck, however, wasn’t as good. The stock price went down significantly as soon as he invested causing him to lose all his money.

LEARNING: Focus on your own way of investing; don’t depend on other people’s gains. Wealth is built over time, not overnight.

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Ep466: Jimmy Lee – Sometimes Life Rewards You for Solving a Riddle

BIO: Jimmy Lee is a Venture Builder and Humanitarian.

STORY: Jimmy and his partner got into a partnership with two other businesses for a huge project that would bring them big returns. One of the businesses wanted Jimmy to collude with them and kick the third company out of the project. He refused and got cut out of the project, losing everything he had invested in it.

LEARNING: Get your downpayment at the start of the project. When you receive help, pay it forward.

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Ep465: Judy Weber – Get Back to Dreaming Big

BIO: Judy Weber is a women’s business strategist and scaling expert, helping six-figure female CEOs take their business to the next level with strategy, systems, and simplicity.

STORY: Judy always played small and allowed fear to hold her back from being who she truly wanted to be.

LEARNING: Don’t let fear stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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Ep464: Ted Clouser – Lead, Don’t Manage Your Business

BIO: Ted Clouser started in technology at the age of 16 when he formed his own computer business. In 1996, he joined PC Assistance of Little Rock, and he and his wife purchased the company in 2018.

STORY: When Ted bought his company, he continued managing it instead of being a leader, leading to a couple of challenges, including a huge debt.

LEARNING: Seek counsel when entering a new venture. To succeed, you must put your doubts and fears aside.

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Ep463: David Walter – Start Marketing Your Book Before You Write It

BIO: David Walter is an author, speaker, and sales trainer. His claim to fame came from a cold-calling hot streak, during which he set 15 appointments a day for six months straight.

STORY: David paid $10,000 and signed the rights to his manuscript to a famous publisher he believed would turn his book into a bestseller. The publisher was a fraud who never delivered any of the things he promised David.

LEARNING: Think about your marketing before you even start writing your book. Look for the right person to edit your book.

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