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My Worst Investment Ever May 2024

Ep786: Mark Kohler – Take Ownership of What You’re Doing Wrong

BIO: Mark Kohler, M.PR.A., C.P.A., J.D., is a highly respected Founding and Senior Partner at KKOS Lawyers, specializing in tax, legal, wealth, estate, and asset protection planning.

STORY: Mark and his partner bought two properties to put up on Airbnb. The first property needed just a bit of modification, but the second one required far more. It took them more time and money than expected to get it ready for renting.

LEARNING: Take ownership of your mistakes. If a problem occurs, admit it, step up, and try to solve it—don’t run away or stick your head in the sand. The majority of trouble we face in our lives will be caused by ourselves.

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Ep785: Jusper Machogu – Africa Needs More Fossil Fuels Not Aid

BIO: Jusper Machogu is a farmer in rural Kenya, an agricultural engineer by profession, and an advocate for Fossil Fuels for Africa.

STORY: In this episode of My Wost Podcast Ever, Andrew and Jusper discuss the potential of fossil fuels to drive economic growth and development in Africa.

LEARNING: Africa needs more fossil fuels not aid.

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Ep784: August Biniaz – Be a Specialist Not a Jack of All Trades

BIO: August Biniaz is the Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of CPI Capital. CPI Capital is a real estate private equity firm with the mandate to acquire multifamily assets while partnering with passive investors as limited partners.

STORY: Upon looking back and reflecting on the worst investment decision August has ever made, he says it’s his time, shiny object syndrome, getting excited about new investment ideas, and then putting a lot of time into learning about those ideas and losing that time.

LEARNING: Don’t be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Focus on your primary business. Stay in your lane.

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Ep783: William Browder – Don’t Go to Russia

BIO: William Browder is the CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, Head of the Global Magnitsky Justice Campaign, and author of Red Notice and Freezing Order.

STORY: Bill moved to Moscow at the age of 31 and was the only Westerner there with any Wall Street skills. That led him to become the largest foreign investor in the country. His decision to go to Russia was the worst investment of his life. Although Bill made a fortune for his clients and a smaller portion for himself, he wishes he never moved to Russia because a lot of people have died, and a lot of lives have been ruined.

LEARNING: Don’t go to Russia.

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