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My Worst Investment Ever March 2022

Ep527: Martyn Terpilowski – Separate Your Investment Risk

BIO: Martyn Terpilowski has spent over 20 years in Asia, where he lived for the majority in Tokyo and Hong Kong and was working in finance.

STORY: Martyn wanted to buy a property in London, but since he was living in Singapore, he decided to get a loan from a Singaporean bank. The mistake he made was taking the loan in Swiss francs. He ended up losing over 1.5 million pounds to the bank.

LEARNING: Don’t be greedy when investing. Always do your due diligence.

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Ep526: Mark McNally – Take Some Money off the Table

BIO: Mark McNally is a serial entrepreneur with broad experience scaling companies from startups to multinational establishments. A passionate product and marketing strategist, Mark is one of the original innovators in the e-commerce space, rapidly expanding online buying internationally since the ’90s.

STORY: Mark lost almost his entire net worth when a startup he had invested in his mid-twenties experienced a 94% stock price drop.

LEARNING: Don’t confuse a person’s financial scorecard for who they are as a human being. Trust only happens over time as you see people’s reactions to serious adverse events.

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Ep525: Toni Lontis – Start Investing in Yourself in Your 20s

BIO: International Radio and TV host, bestselling co-author, author, speaker, and visionary Toni Lontis quietly entered the entrepreneurial world in 2019, post-publication of her memoir, Resilience, about her healing and self-discovery journey from dysfunction and trauma to helping heal others through her words.

STORY: Toni was born with a preauricular sinus, and she let this condition hold her back for years. She regrets waiting until she was in her 50s to start investing in herself.

LEARNING: Start investing in yourself now. Overcome fear through little consistent actions.

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Ep524: Barry O’Reilly – Keep Improving Your Investment System

BIO: Barry O’Reilly is an entrepreneur, business advisor, and author who has pioneered the intersection of business model innovation, product development, organizational design, and culture transformation.

STORY: One of Barry’s oldest friends sent him a video about investing in Ethereum. He watched the video but didn’t understand it, so he didn’t invest. The investment turned out to be a success, and Barry missed out on the opportunity.

LEARNING: Trust your curiosity, especially in venture building. Don’t focus too much on that missed opportunity. Learn from it.

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Ep522: Panu Boonsombat – Get Business Wisdom from Your Elders

BIO: Dr. Panu Boonsombat is a personal branding professional and the owner of Dr. Oppa Facebook page, Instagram page, and TikTok account with almost 300,000 followers, 52 million views (without dancing or wearing a bikini), and over 3 million likes.

STORY: Panu built an airport hotel with rental space despite elderly locals warning him that this location was not ideal for business. He is still struggling to make the retail space work over 10 years later.

LEARNING: Listen to the wisdom of your elders.

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Ep521: Ashutosh Garg – Be More Discerning About Your Investment Choices

BIO: Ashutosh Garg founded Guardian Pharmacy in India in 2003 and grew it to the second-largest pharmacy chain in India with over 200 stores. Now, he is a certified Business and Executive Coach and mentors several CEOs worldwide.

STORY: Ashutosh invested in three investments at the height of the Dotcom boom. He didn’t do any research before investing and was just carried away by the hype at the time. All three investments went bust in 18 months.

LEARNING: Don’t invest just because you have money. Reduce risks by understanding and learning from your mistakes.

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Ep520: Nattaphol Vimolchalao – Experience in a Multinational Is Not Enough to Run a Startup

BIO: Nattaphol Vimolchalao is the Chief Executive Officer of Siam Rajathanee Public Company Limited, an outsourcing service.

STORY: Nattaphol thought that hiring an executive from a world-class medical device company to run his startup was the way to make it succeed. However, though experienced, the executive had zero experience running a startup. The company went under within no time.

LEARNING: You need more than experience to run a startup. Just because someone has experience managing a multinational company doesn’t mean they’ll be good at running a startup.

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Ep519: Geoffrey Moore – Don’t Mix Complex and Simple Business Systems

BIO: Geoffrey Moore is an author, speaker, and advisor who splits his consulting time between start-up companies in the Wildcat Venture Partners portfolio and established high-tech enterprises.

STORY: Geoffrey was a venture partner in an investment firm that decided to delve into computer storage. The company, against Geoffrey’s advice, decided to expand the project but didn’t have enough capacity to get the product to market.

LEARNING: Think about a venture portfolio as an exercise in 10-year liquidity. Some things are better suited to incremental change.

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Ep518: Brenda Bence – Think Long Term Even in the Face of Risk

BIO: Brenda Bence is one of the world’s top executive leadership coaches and motivational keynote speakers.

STORY: Brenda’s worst investment ever was pulling out of an investment to safeguard the funds she needed to fund her new business.

LEARNING: Think long-term, even in the face of heightened risk. Don’t let emotions, primarily fear, impact your investment decisions. Diversify your portfolio.

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Ep517: Nik Kennett – Tap into the Power of Journaling

BIO: Nik Kennett and his wife Allie are a US-based couple with a love of travel and adventure currently on a self-funded 6-month sabbatical through Europe and Asia.

STORY: Nik stopped by a gas station in Croatia and assumed that a green handle on the fuel pump indicated diesel as it does in the US. This assumption made him put petrol in a diesel car. This rookie mistake almost cost them their well-planned 6-months long trip.

LEARNING: Create space in your life to focus on what’s important. Always have travel insurance.

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Ep516: Richard Bliss – True Wealth Is Very Different From Income

BIO: Richard Bliss is the founder of BlissPoint Consulting, a social media consulting company that helps improve executives’ online communications and sales teams’ social selling behaviors.

STORY: Richard got a cash gift of $500,000 from his employer. After paying 50% tax, he spent the rest to pay his student loans bought a new car, a house, and some furniture. He regrets not investing what remained after paying his debts.

LEARNING: Small, incremental investments over time are more important than large lump sums. Find ways to make money and then invest in the stock market to turn that money into wealth.

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Ep515: David Segura – Sometimes Slowing Down Can Keep You Alive

BIO: David Segura is an accomplished entrepreneur and investor. He currently serves as the CEO of Glassbox Media. This podcast platform enables Podcast Hosts to grow their brand revenue and new listener base with direct investment and technology support.

STORY: David invested in and joined a startup in New York. The company was growing fast, and after their Series A funding, they got convinced by the lead investor to expand to London and other international cities prematurely. The company could not sustain the growth.

LEARNING: Be deliberate with your growth plans. Focus on quality growth that you can build on.

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