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My Worst Investment Ever June 2022

Ep566: Justin Cunningham – Face Your Fears and Show Up

BIO: Justin Cunningham helps thought-leader business owners make simple changes to radically grow profits through standing out, creating transformative content and offers, and optimizing effectiveness.

STORY: Justin overworked himself while planning an event in Los Angeles so much that he was out of his depth during the event.

LEARNING: Face your fears and show up. Stay true to your passion. Your outcomes do not define you.

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Ep565: Mohammed Aneez – Learn Leadership Qualities and Build the Right Team

BIO: Mohammed Aneez is a multidisciplinary designer and has been Co-founder and Design Director at Emnicent Designs.

STORY: Mohammed co-founded a design studio with three friends from college. Even though the company was profitable, the co-founders didn’t have enough entrepreneurial experience to scale the business according to their goals.

LEARNING: Focus on good leadership. Learn from other leaders.

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Ep564: Cory Warfield – Generating Revenue Is Better Than Raising Capital

BIO: Tech founder, LinkedIn influencer, Metaverse architect, community builder, advisor and consultant to web3 and blockchain projects, philanthropist, and lover of dogs – it’s LinkedIn’s (beloved) “Crytpo Guy” Cory Warfield!

STORY: Cory spent so much time and emotions trying to raise capital for his company instead of focusing on generating revenue from a product that was already selling.

LEARNING: Focus on producing revenue, and investors will come knocking.

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Ep563: William Green – Be Aware of, and Reduce, Your Particular Flavor of Stupidity

BIO: William Green is the author of “Richer, Wiser, Happier: How the World’s Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life.” The book is based on hundreds of hours of interviews that he’s conducted with many legendary investors over the past quarter of a century.

STORY: We look at some of the many lessons William learned from spending hundreds of hours interviewing some of our greatest investors.

LEARNING: Be aware of your flaws and frailties. Avoid standard stupidities. Be authentic and true to who you are.

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Ep562: AJ Aluthwala – Make Decisions Based on Numbers Not Emotions

BIO: AJ Aluthwala is a specialist in discovering, planning, and executing customized online marketing strategies for businesses to attract massive amounts of online traffic and convert that traffic into sales.

STORY: AJ and his business partner agreed to get into an unprofitable business only to help a friend. They lost a ton of money, and the friendship failed too.

LEARNING: Don’t partner with anybody, especially friends, based on emotion. Always know your numbers. Review your financial statements monthly.

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Ep561: David Aaker – Don’t Let Tax Savings Drive Your Investment Decisions

BIO: David Aaker, sometimes called the Father of Modern Branding, is the author of 18 books on branding and related topics. He is the vice-chair of Prophet, a global branding, growth, and transformation consultancy.

STORY: David was an advisor to a software company acquired by Microsoft in the 80s. He had stock in the company but decided to sell it to save on taxes. The stock would now be worth millions of dollars.

LEARNING: Don’t let saving taxes drive your investment decisions. Keep your money in the market for as long as possible.

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Ep560: Mahesh Murthy – Trust but Verify Startup Founders

BIO: Mahesh Murthy has helped launch Amazon, over 60 startups, a few hundred brands, and a few satellites. He’s a marketer, entrepreneur, and investor.

STORY: Mahesh invested close to $400,000 into a startup only to discover that one of the founders was siphoning money via his sister and mother.

LEARNING: Verify startup founders before investing in them. Hire someone to monitor your investments if you cannot do it yourself. Invest in a minimum of 10 startups instead of just one.

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Ep559: Joseph Hogue – Never Ignore the Debt to Equity Ratio

BIO: Joseph Hogue graduated from Iowa State University after serving in the Marine Corps. He worked in corporate finance and real estate before starting a career in investment analysis. He has appeared on Bloomberg and CNBC and led a team of equity analysts for a venture capital research firm.

STORY: Joseph bought stocks in an energy company at a time when industry prices were low with the hope that the company would outperform the market, but it didn’t. He lost $30,000 in the investment.

LEARNING: Always look at debt-to-equity ratios, especially in a down market. Set percentage caps on the stocks in your portfolio.

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Ep558: Priya Kumar – Don’t Trust Somebody With Your Money Blindly

BIO: Priya Kumar is an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, bestselling author, and now screenwriter. She has written 15 inspirational books that have won 42 international awards.

STORY: Priya ignored the need to learn basic accounting and instead left her money matters in the hands of her accountant. The accountant took advantage of her ignorance and swindled all her money.

LEARNING: Learn basic accounts and finance. Analyze your profit and loss statement and balance sheet every month.

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Ep557: Mario Bekes – You Don’t Know Everything, So Keep Learning

BIO: Mario Bekes began his career with the Department of Defence Republic of Croatia in Military Police/Security Services for seven years. In 1998 he worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs Republic of Croatia in Security Intelligence Services, secondment in Republic of Croatia Consulate General in Sydney for five years before founding Insight Intelligence in 2003.

STORY: Mario allowed his ego to make him believe that he knew everything there is to know about running his business, and so he failed to invest in learning.

LEARNING: Be open to continuous learning because you can never know everything.

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Ep556: Toni McLelland – An Influencer Isn’t Always a Specialist

BIO: Toni McLelland MSc resides in London, England, UK, and spends time in Wales. She is a critical friend, business mentor, and founder of The Compassionate Business Model.

STORY: Toni hired someone on social media she thought would help her in an area she was interested in. The individual was an influencer and not an expert in the area.

LEARNING: Do your homework and due diligence. Excellent professionals should have no problem providing you with recommendations.

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Ep555: Michelle Hon – Don’t Build a Business Only to Boost Your Ego

BIO: Michelle Hon is the author of The Chill Mom, founder, and business coach for moms at MomBoss Academy.

STORY: Michelle spent half of her life savings on a soup and salad bar that she had to close down after a month due to the wrong location.

LEARNING: Don’t build a business for yourself or boost your ego. Build a business because it fills a market gap. Build systems and frameworks that enable you to implement and replicate your business ideas.

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Ep554: Leonard Kim – Avoid Investing in Pink Sheets Stocks

BIO: Leonard Kim is the worst investor you will ever meet and has made countless mistakes.

STORY: Leonard invested over $6,000 in penny stocks and preferred shares whose value went to less than a penny.

LEARNING: Avoid stocks on the OTCBB; trade in the NASDAQ shares instead. Focus on the company’s ability to make profits instead of the stock price.

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