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My Worst Investment Ever January 2024

Ep769: Dan McClure – Understand Who You Are and What You’re About

BIO: Dan McClure is an innovation choreographer. That’s someone whose job is to run into burning buildings, looking for opportunities to reinvent how the world works.

STORY: Dan took up a senior management job because his friends and family insisted he should have a ‘real’ job. However, Dan hated the job and was terrible at it.

LEARNING: Understand who you are and what you’re about. Be committed to following your passion and talents. Otherwise, you’ll be dragged into things that make you miserable.

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Ep768: Bryan Kramer – Be Human and Build Relationships

BIO: Bryan Kramer is a renowned business strategist, global keynote speaker, executive trainer and coach, investor, two-time bestselling author, and Forbes contributor.

STORY: Bryan decided to expand his business, but the growth snowballed out of control to the point where he traveled 200 days a year and missed out on family time. Being on the road too much also saw him develop type two diabetes. Only after his 11-year-old son pointed out the horrible life he was living did Bryan decide to quit it all.

LEARNING: Relationships carry us through the highs, the mid-levels, and the lows. First, look at what you need today and then how you can serve others.

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Ep767: Andrew Stotz – 8 Benefits of Increasing the Profits of Your Business

Isn’t Capitalism Great!? Here are eight key benefits of increasing the profits of your business. And I challenge you to set the goal for 2024 to increase the profits of your business.

Why is increasing profit so important? Because without profit any business will eventually die. Your obligation as a founder, owner, leader, or director is to ensure that profit remains strong.

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Ep766: Nathaniel Harding – One Risk at a Time

BIO: A born and bred Oklahoman, Nathaniel Harding is an innovator and market maker who has founded, scaled, and sold companies. He is a successful investor in energy, biotech, and ag tech.

STORY: Nathaniel’s company decided to deploy new technology to explore oil and gas fields. The venture was cash-intensive and an absolute commercial zero.

LEARNING: Categorize risks. Limit your investments to one risk. Do one risk at a time and do it sequentially.

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Ep765: Will Roundtree – Get a Customer First

BIO: Will Roundtree offers the world a unique lens into wealth-building strategies and examines opportunities for his communities to expound on their knowledge and have effective practices to apply it.

STORY: Will invested in a small tax franchise after he bought into the owner’s lavish lifestyle. He didn’t do his due diligence, only to discover that the owner had been stealing from his clients. This saw him lose over $40,000.

LEARNING: Do your due diligence. Study the actual industry you want to invest in and verify its legitimacy. There’s no hack or shortcut to earning trust.

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Ep764: Kyle Mowery – Invest in Your Circle of Competence

BIO: Kyle Mowery, founder and portfolio manager at GrizzlyRock Capital, has an 18-year career beginning at PAAMCO, where he honed his analytical skills. He later delved into high-yield corporate securities at T.H. Lee Senior Credit Strategies and expanded his expertise at BMO Capital Markets.

STORY: Kyle invested in a business that produced sandalwood trees. He believed they were about to sell at significantly higher prices to buyers across the globe. Unfortunately, some of the sales fell through, management resigned and didn’t report when they sold their shares, and then the whole thing imploded.

LEARNING: Invest in your circle of competence. Make sure the bet size is correct.

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Ep763: Gabe Marusca – Pay Extreme Attention to Your Body

BIO: Gabe Marusca, known as The Nomad Solopreneur, is a location-independent marketing strategist who established Digital Finest as a solo founder.

STORY: Gabe spent 20 hours working daily for over a year trying to make as much money as soon as he could. This caused his body to shut down, and he developed a chronic disease.

LEARNING: Pay extreme attention to your body. Having a long-term vision and patience is more sustainable than trying to gain fortune overnight. Stop putting too much time into the things that don’t matter.

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Ep762: Giuseppe Grammatico – Pick the Medium That Works for You and Stick With It

BIO: Giuseppe Grammatico is a franchising advisor who has owned several Master Franchise licenses and has enjoyed a successful franchising career, guiding over 200 individuals through business ownership, many for the first time.

STORY: Giuseppe hired a full-service marketing company that managed everything from his website to emails and social media posts. Giuseppe gave the company complete control of his business, and his voice got lost. He also got virtually zero return from hiring the company.

LEARNING: Pick the medium that works for you and stick with it. Publicity doesn’t mean revenue.

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