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My Worst Investment Ever August 2022

Ep586: Marylen Ramos-Velasco – Strike a Balance Between Taking Care of Yourself and Others

BIO: Marylen Ramos-Velasco is the Founder and CEO of Customized Training Solutions (CTS) Pte. Ltd. – “Asia’s Most Trusted Customized Solutions Provider.”

STORY: Marylen spent her life doing too much for people who didn’t deserve her time and effort at the expense of her health. She started taking better care of herself and creating boundaries when she suffered several gastritis attacks.

LEARNING: Strike a balance between taking care of yourself and others. Prioritize self-love and self-care. Always think about your value.

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Ep585: Ted Leverette – Buy Businesses That Have Fixable Problems

BIO: For more than 30 years, Ted Leverette, The Original Business Buyer Advocate, has been helping people worldwide find and buy the right businesses the right way.

STORY: Ted bought a business for eight figures only to discover it was sinking in debt.

LEARNING: Hire the right kind of advisors when buying a business. Do your due diligence and get to know how the business works before you buy it.

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Ep584: Jerome Myers – What Value Do You Bring to the Table?

BIO: Jerome Myers left corporate America because he realized that although he had many accomplishments, he had not gained significance because he was not leading a centered life.

STORY: Jerome quit corporate America and went into real estate without any skills or experience in the industry. He missed a million-dollar investment because he had nothing to bring to the table.

LEARNING: If you’re trying to figure out how to get something done, pay a person who’s already done it, who has a comprehensive system, to accelerate your learning process. Articulate the value you bring to a deal or an organization.

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Ep583: Eric Sim – Find a Buyer First Before You Buy Property

BIO: Eric Sim is the author of Small Actions: Leading Your Career To Big Success, giving 66 actionable tips to help one achieve career success.

STORY: Eric bought a condo with the hopes of selling it at a higher price. Unfortunately, the government changed, affecting the demand for condos. Eric is yet to sell the property or rent it for income.

LEARNING: Don’t let your past successes blind you when investing. Identify your buyer before you even buy that real estate.

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Ep582: Direk Khanijou – Be Careful of the Dangers of Leverage

BIO: Direk Khanijou is a student of business and currently works with his family in the textile business in Bangkok, Thailand. He started his investment portfolio at 20 while studying at the University College London.

STORY: Direk invested in a pharmaceutical company simply because it had some of the most respected hedge funds on the shareholder roster. He lost 94% on his investment less than two years later.

LEARNING: Be careful of leverage and taking on too much debt. Don’t stray outside of your circle of competence when investing. Be cautious of endowment bias.

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Ep581: Adam Carroll – Never Buy a Home at an Auction

BIO: Adam Carroll has decades of experience working with families and business owners interested in creating massive efficiencies in their income and wealth-building capacity.

STORY: Adam bought a home in an auction without seeing it first and had to sink in more money to restore it than he made from selling it.

LEARNING: Never buy a home without doing your research first. Never make an investment decision under pressure.

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Ep580: Ralph Burns – Create Value First, Then Sell

BIO: Ralph Burns is the Founder and CEO of Tier 11, a digital marketing agency that utilizes a proprietary system called Customer Acquisition Amplification™ to unlock the online potential of purpose-driven businesses to help them scale and grow.

STORY: Ralph spent $30,000 to build a membership site and got over 10,000 email subscribers, but only two people paid when he launched the site.

LEARNING: Do your research. Create a minimum viable product first to test the market.

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Ep579: Tony Pawlak – Stop Trying to Get Rich Overnight

BIO: Tony Pawlak is a full-time stock trader and options instructor at Real Life Trading. It’s his life mission to help others face their fears and live their dreams.

STORY: Tony lost almost $100,000 in trading. More than half of this was bank loans and credit card limits.

LEARNING: If you view the markets as a get-rich-quick method, it will burn you. Assess risk before you go in and manage it when sizing your position.

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Ep578: Mark Graban – Don’t Shame Yourself for Your Differences

BIO: Mark Graban is an author, speaker, consultant, and podcaster. His podcasts include Lean Blog Interviews, Habitual Excellence, and My Favorite Mistake. He’s also affiliated with the technology company KaiNexus and the healthcare advisory firm Value Capture.

STORY: Two of Mark’s worst investments were investing $4,000 in a company he knew nothing about and living in denial about his ADHD diagnosis for over 20 years.

LEARNING: Be careful when choosing individual stocks. Don’t be in denial about things. You’re beautiful as you are.

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Ep577: Emma Mumford – Everything’s a Blessing or a Lesson

BIO: Emma Mumford is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert. She is an award-winning life coach, mentor, Law of Attraction YouTuber, and 2x bestselling author.

STORY: Emma took a £7,000 loan on behalf of her boyfriend to help him pay off a previous loan. They broke up a month later, and he never paid back a cent of the loan.

LEARNING: Don’t focus more on the negative part of a bad situation; instead, focus on the positive. Look at your biggest loss as your biggest opportunity.

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Ep576: Gavin Wren – Invest Your Time in the Right People

BIO: Gavin Wren is a founder, consultant, and content creator from London, helping the world learn more about food. His background in media has seen him photographing food around the world for the likes of National Geographic and writing in the national press.

STORY: Gavin’s worst investments have been the relationships he’s put in a lot of effort and time to build, only to realize they weren’t beneficial for him.

LEARNING: Don’t bend yourself out of shape for people. Learn to walk away from bad situations.

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