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My Worst Investment Ever April 2022

Ep540: Shane Senior – Do Your Due Diligence Before Buying an ICO

BIO: Shane Senior is a British actor who started his acting career as a motivational public speaker. After losing a large sum of money in the cryptocurrency market, he changed his career into acting.

STORY: Shane invested in cryptocurrency in 2017, and the investment was growing. He got greedy, took out the money from the currencies, and invested £50,000 in ICOs. Within as little as 18 months, he had zero money left.

LEARNING: Don’t just jump on the bandwagon; do your due diligence. When you fail, learn lessons from your mistakes and move on.

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Ep539: Gisela Hausmann – The Story of How Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Considered My Suggestions

BIO: Gisela Hausmann is one of a dying breed of adventurers – she digs in and researches topics of interest from the ground up, then tells things as she sees them.

STORY: Gisela published a book about her time working at Amazon. In the book, she suggested what Amazon should do to improve working conditions. Amazon implemented these suggestions.

LEARNING: Know who your friend is and who is not. Look at criticism as an opportunity.

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Ep538: Rick Gilbert – Most Likely Nobody Will Buy Your Book

BIO: Rick is an author of several books and performs one-man shows, bringing alive the stories in his books.

STORY: Rick spent $22,000 to produce his first audiobook and made just $500 in sales.

LEARNING: Accept that there’s most likely nobody who will buy your book. Figure out how to get your product to the market.

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Ep537: Kanit Nimmalairat – Don’t Go All-in on a Stock

BIO: Kanit Nimmalairat is the owner of the YouTube channel and Facebook Naiwaen Investment, with over 200,000 followers.

STORY: When Kanit started investing, he made his worst investment ever when he went all-in on one commodity stock. The stock was selling at 34 baht, but the price plummeted to 7 baht. Kanit made a 100% loss on that investment.

LEARNING: Educate yourself on value investing. Have an investment principle. Consider a stop-loss, especially if you’re new to investing.

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Ep536: Allan Dib – Make Your 1-Page Marketing Plan

BIO: Allan Dib is a serial entrepreneur, rebellious marketer, and #1 bestselling author.

STORY: Allan lost a decade and thousands of dollars trying to figure out marketing for his business all by himself, yet he had no expertise in the field.

LEARNING: Find experts to help you with the things you don’t have expertise in. You’re not always going to be the person to solve all your problems.

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Ep535: Nidhi Mohan Kamal – Happiness Is an Inner Game, Love Yourself

BIO: Nidhi Mohan Kamal is the director of NidSun Wellness, a chain of weight loss clinics with branches in Delhi and two other cities in India.

STORY: Nidhi’s worst investment ever was looking for superficial qualities in the people she got into relationships with. This left her with a string of failed relationships until she figured out the fundamental qualities she needed to focus on.

LEARNING: Look for fulfillment inward, not from other people. Be assertive with your truth.

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Ep534: Brett King – Prepare for Bad Outcomes to Avoid Them

BIO: Brett King is an Amazon bestselling author, a renowned commentator, and a globally respected speaker on the future of business.

STORY: Brett got into a partnership offering a five-day executive program in Dubai. The business was doing well until the global financial crisis hit in 2008. His business partner took over the company, but he had no experience in training, so it died in just a few months.

LEARNING: Have an advisory board for conflict resolution. Have an exit plan. Always have a shareholders’ agreement.

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Ep533: Mohan Belani – Fail Fast and Move On Even Faster

BIO: Mohan Belani is the Co-founder and CEO of e27, a startup and tech ecosystem platform focused on helping startup founders build and grow their companies.

STORY: Between 2013 to 2015, Mohan was mentally and emotionally satisfied with the status quo and never invested in himself, his capabilities, and his mindset to go to the next level.

LEARNING: Don’t avoid failure. Just learn to deal with it and handle it better.

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Ep532: Mariah & Byron Edgington – When You Face Challenges, Reach Out

BIO: Mariah Edgington BSN, RN is a retired critical care nurse who integrated holistic practices into her practice. Byron Edgington ATP, CRMI is a retired military and commercial helicopter pilot, Vietnam veteran, award-winning author, speaker, and contributor.

STORY: Byron lost his pilot job in Kauai due to a minor medical difficulty. This brought the couple’s dream life on the island to an end. Desperate and lost, Byron invested blindly into real estate and made no money. He didn’t know that he’d have benefitted from disability insurance had he claimed it.

LEARNING: Don’t make decisions when you’re at your lowest point. Seek help from people you trust.

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Ep531: Alistair Croll – To Scale, You Have to Get People to Care

BIO: Alistair Croll is an entrepreneur, author, and conference organizer. His book Lean Analytics has been translated into eight languages and is considered mandatory reading for startup founders.

STORY: Alistair needed to raise capital for his startup. He received a series A investment of $20 million and gave up 50% equity in his company.

LEARNING: Don’t scale prematurely. Capture your market’s attention first.

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Ep530: Ash Maurya – Focus On Customer Development Before Product Development

BIO: Ash Maurya is the author of two bestselling books, “Running Lean” and “Scaling Lean,” and is also the creator of the top-rated one-page business modeling tool “Lean Canvas.”

STORY: Ash had this social networking idea that he thought was unique, so he kept it to himself as he built on it. He never tested the market until he launched, and the network was a flop. Ash kept building the network in isolation until seven years later when he realized he was supposed to be building a customer base, not the perfect product.

LEARNING: Take at least 90 days to test a new idea before launching it. You need customers for your business to survive.

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Ep529: Edward Zia – Question, Push Back, and Get Help to Avoid Homelessness

BIO: Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM), and International Master Coach. He has mentored thousands of winners globally to help them get more clients, win top positions and become leading personal brands.

STORY: When Edward left the army, he immersed himself in his job. He put his employer ahead of himself. This left him stressed and burnt out, and he made poor decisions that left him homeless.

LEARNING: Question everything you hear, don’t just go on autopilot. When faced with problems, don’t just sit there and hope it will get better; do something about it.

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Ep528: Izabela Lundberg – Show Up, You Will Figure It Out

BIO: Izabela Lundberg is a people champion who transforms organizations, their teams, and their talents and turns them into high performers.

STORY: In 2019, Izabela invested her money and time into film production. She was sure this would be the project that would allow her to retire early. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit in 2020 and shut down everything. Izabela’s investment went down the drain.

LEARNING: Difficult moments are temporary. You can survive any trauma.

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