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Global Top-20 Semiconductor Manufacturer Aims for World Class

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the World Class Benchmarking on Win Semiconductors Corporation.


Win Semiconductors Corporation (Win Semi) is in the global top-20 of semiconductor manufacturers, and is a pure-play foundry i.e. it specializes in making compound semiconductors designed by its electronic component vendor customers.

Main applications are in the mobile telecom segment. The company is based in Taiwan, and the majority of sales are in Asia.

World Class Benchmarking: Win #Semiconductors Corporation #Stocks #Taiwan

Business Description

Win Semi is Taiwan-based and one of the world’s top-20 semiconductor manufacturing foundries ranked by sales. It has three divisions by application: Wi-Fi, 50%; Cellular, 40%; and Infrastructure, 10%.

The Wi-Fi division makes compound semiconductors for use in Wi-Fi-linked equipment, such as routers, while Cellular is for mobile handsets.

Infrastructure includes compound semiconductors used in base stations, satellites, and fiber optics. Compound semiconductors are designed by Win Semi customers, mainly electronic component companies, to have superior speeds and lower power consumption.

Solid smartphone shipments have been the demand driver in the past few years. The need for faster data transmission via LTE and 5G should underpin demand for compound semiconductors in smartphones, as telecom service providers promote profitable LTE services aggressively.

For the Infrastructure division, continuing rising demand for cloud storage should create more opportunities.

Revenue breakdown for Win #Semiconductors #Taiwan

World Class Benchmarking

Profitable Growth maintained its #2 rank and has improved from #4 in 2012. This means Win Semi ranks better than 952 of 1,190 medium Info Tech companies globally.

World Class #Benchmarking of Win Semiconductors #Taiwan

Profitability maintained its #2 rank that the company gained in 2015. This means Win Semi ranks among the best 238 medium Info Tech companies globally on ROA. Growth maintained its #4 rank.

Profit margin was still ranked in the top decile, and is the driver of the Profitability rank. Sales growth fell to #4 from #3 but it didn’t affect the Growth rank as margin change was strong at #3 among its global peers.

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