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FinTwit’s Finest and Funniest (#FFF) | 28 January 2021

TSHPIT (Thank Some Higher Power It’s Thursday)! That means tomorrow is Friday weekday warriors. To help you in your waiting, let’s release some endorphins by having a laugh or two.

On Tuesday, Chamath Palihapitiya revealed he’s running for Governor in the Terminator’s state of California.

Though, this meme of Chamath is what we found funny with regards to Chamath on Twitter…

sandro, what a legend!

We thought we’d be leaving Chamath here, but as you’ll see soon we’ll get back to him and this tweet, but first…

How has the 2021 investment year started for you?

Stonks only go up, don’t they?

In case you missed it, Wall Street Bets wanted to prove short sellers of GameStop just that.

Wondering how they valued GameStop?

They may also have used the latest Robinhood update.

And then Chamath entered…

And then Elon Musk joined in.

Two billionaires having fun.

Imagine this…

What an achievement!

Turns out Wall Street Bets is a force to reckon with.

And hedge funds might be overspending on their research teams.

Either way, they weren’t very happy about what was going on.

Misquoting John Maynard Keynes to end this post seems to make sense.

In case you’ve missed this whole GameStop story, here’s a fun and short summary.

NOTE: There are some serious issues to consider with regards to this whole GameStop story, but #FFF is about having a laugh.

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