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Crypto Is An Uncorrelated Asset Class

What’s this purple line?

Can you guess now?

It’s digital and the axis at 100,000 isn’t enough

How about 1 million? No.

It has grown in value by almost 65,000x

  • In December 2010, 1 BTC = US$0.30

Remarkable performance even if we rebase starting from when daily volume >US$1bn

  • Let’s be a bit more realistic and start looking at Digital when there was more significant volume
  • We rebase Bitcoin to July 2017 when it traded at about US$2,900 and daily volume was mostly >US$1bn

Digital is an uncorrelated asset class

  • Stocks and commodities move together
  • Stocks and US$ move opposite
  • US$ also moves inversely to commodities and gold
  • Gold is a good diversifier
  • Digital, hence cryptocurrencies, is uncorrelated


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