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Andrew Stotz on the Startup Operator Podcast

The Startup Operator – The best-curated wisdom from founders, operators, & investors on executing at startups | Hosted by Roshan Cariappa | Head down, execute hard.

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Andrew Stotz is a serial entrepreneur, an active value investor and a podcaster where he talks to people about their worst investments in life. In this episode he talks about the most common mistakes that businesses often make and how to solve for them.

Here are some highlights of this conversation:
00:00​ Introduction
01:47​ Andrew’s addresses the audience
05:28​ Understanding Risk and probability
09:20​ Risk and Return Assessment
12:04​ Importance of a Co-Founder
15:37​ Investing in Relationships
23:04​ Six Common mistakes that Startups do
33:30​ Best and quickest way for a founder to build domain expertise
38:24​ Importance of Measuring loss
40:08​ Increasing the value of a startup
42:05​ Built to sell Businesses
46:24​ Closing Remarks


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