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Andrew Stotz on The Making Conversations Count Podcast

Andrew had a chat with Wendy Harris of the Making Conversations Count podcast.

In this episode investment expert Andrew Stotz – who’s just “the worst” (not really, you’ll have to listen to find out what we did there!) – has a conversation that counts with Wendy all about the financials in business.

We learn all about how investing with your head instead of your heart is beneficial.

Andrew explains how important it is to think carefully about employee incentive schemes, and KPIs – or key performance indicators.

And he also gets into his success formula – L-R / F-P. (Oh yes! Serious take away here for you)

Of course this episode covers the importance of investing in the future, investing in employees, investing in good financial reporting.

And how Andrew’s LR / FP investment strategy works for ASIR clients, when they have a company that has potential for growth and development – something we need to invest our time and attention into!

And he talks us through his process for going through all the numbers and figures to get a full picture on a company’s finances.

Get the full shownotes here.

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