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Andrew Stotz on the Get Invested Podcast

Andrew had a chat with Bushy Martin on his Get Invested podcast.

“It seems that in our age of too much information where everyone with a microphone and an audience is an instant expert, its becoming more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff and to be able to understand what’s really happening in global stock markets.

And everywhere you currently look there are conflicting opinions and scary headlines.

The threat of runaway inflation, bubbles, pending recessions, and stock market crashes abound! But does the hype match reality Who do you turn to for valuable guidance?

For me it has always been skillful financial analysts who are able to look beyond their egos and inherent biases to predict outcomes that are most likely to occur after considering and curating multitudes of data and evidence, alongside people’s perceptions.

And while anything we talk about today is purely general in nature and can in no way shape or form be construed as financial or investment advice, one of the best financial analysts and all round good guys that I know is Andrew Stotz who shares my vision of transforming your life by getting invested.”

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