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“Admit What You Don’t Know and Be OK with It”

Top 5 of the Week of April 25

This week we take a look at momentum investing with Ben Lavine, chief investment officer, and writer at Jeremy Miller, investment analyst, and author of ‘Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules,’ shares the legend’s top investment rule. And Gary Shepherd from International Adviser has herded together a number of professional, yet very different perspectives’ on value versus growth investing.

Naki Mendoza, a blogger from Devex Impact, guides us along the best path to investing large capital in high-growth frontier markets; those in developing countries. Bill Barker of The Motley Fool shows that a dollar invested in the S&P 500 back in January 1966, today would have become $102—which seems great. Or is it?

Momentum Rules

  • Momentum: an investing strategy that capitalizes on large increases in share price and by following trends in the market leading to even further gains
  • The compounding benefits of time is it’s major selling point—money makes more money—but the opposite is also true; failure also breeds failure leading to eventual probable value destruction
  • Don’t use it exclusively when making investment choices; incorporate momentum investing as part of a diversified portfolio

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“Admit What You Don’t Know… 


  • …and be OK with it.” Following this advice can set you free as an investor; markets behave randomly short-term and acknowledging that you can’t predict them will let you tune out the BS
  • Successful investing is about not letting our emotions play on our decisions or trying to guess and predict the markets—because no one can
  • Define your own acceptable risk-return-ratio and change your approach to long-term thinking to better ride out any short-term market flares

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Value vs. Growth Investing—Who Wins?

  • Warren Buffett believes one does not exist without the other; there are a number of ways to successful growth investor performance but no manager would buy or sell without looking at price
  • In 2016, value investing hasn’t outperformed but growth and momentum stocks have been underwhelming, despite this, popularity of growth investing hasn’t topped out
  • Though one view is that “growth and value managers are ‘equally deluded,’” growth managers have nothing to fear just yet as currently both paths remain top approaches to equity investing

Think growth investing has lost its ‘momentum’? Is value investing outdated? Share your comments with us in the section below

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Large Returns Mean Large Gambles

  • The high risk of investing in private equity is balanced by huge upside potential of commercial innovations and business models profiting so developing economies can prosper
  • International Finance Corp., (IFC) guidelines to best navigate frontier markets place utmost importance on any fund manager having a local presence; the best offense is always a good defense
  • No such thing as business as usual in frontier markets; as well as the usual risks involved in equity investing, developing economies face other threats too —anything from conflict to natural disaster

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Painting the Stocks Picture from Last 50 Years

  • $1 becoming $102 in past 50 years—if you’d reinvested all dividends and hit no cost problems—doesn’t live up to longer-term historical averages
  • Time periods look the same on paper, but not when you consider inflation—better returns in the last century were from 1916-1965; triple those of last 50 years
  • Our expectations for the future should factor the benefits of compounding for long-term high returns, but over decades, short-term returns may be affected by low or negative returns before then

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