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Recently Backed by an E-commerce Giant | YTO Express

Watch the Uncovered Asia video with Andrew Stotz to learn more about the latest developments in YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited.

Company: YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited

Bloomberg ticker: 6123 HK

Background: YTO Express (International) Holdings Limited is an international logistics business listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company operates in China, Europe, North America, and Rest of Asia.

Why the price rally in YTO Express?

Recently, Alibaba increased its stake in YTO Express Holdings to 22.5% from 10.5%. The share price soared 259% on September 2nd!

The logistics business has been booming as Chinese consumers increased their e-commerce spending amid COVID-19.

Alibaba has invested in several logistics companies in recent years due to fierce competition from operates its own in-house logistics network. Alibaba’s other logistics company investments include ZTO Express and BEST Inc.

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