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My Worst Investment Ever January 2021

Ep317: Mariya Radysh – Find What Brings You Joy and Start Doing It Every Day

Mariya Radysh is a keynote speaker, 2x TEDx speaker, and a thought leader on human potential and wellbeing. She has built two businesses and several careers as a lawyer, university lecturer, and interpreter being fluent in 5 languages.

My takeaway: Success is not just about grinding hard. It is also about relationships, building trust, and sitting down, and listening to others. Your physical and mental health is critical to your success.

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Ep316: Cristiana Tudor – Only Invest What You Can Lose in Bitcoin

Cristiana Tudor is a successful social media coach whose goal is to empower women of any income to start and scale their business to the next level through effective branding, storytelling, and social media coaching.

My takeaway: Pay yourself first before you invest; never invest more than you are ready to lose; and invest strategically, not emotionally.

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Ep315: Coonoor Behal – Pay Great Attention to Your Business Website

Coonoor Behal is the Founder & CEO of Mindhatch, a firm that specializes in getting companies better results with creativity through Design Thinking, Organizational Improv™, Innovation Facilitation, and Diversity & Inclusion. She is also the author of I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up, which will be published by New Degree Press in April 2021.

My takeaway: Building a fantastic website is challenging, but you can do it with the right web design company. Do not let insecurity or fear of failure hold you back from going the whole nine yards.

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Ep314: Mario Martinez Jr – Mergers and Acquisitions: Do Your Due Diligence First

Mario Martinez Jr is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso. He spent 86 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership. He is one of 20 sales influencers invited to appear in the documentary film “The Story of Sales” launched in 2018 and was named 2019’s Top 10 Sales Influencers by The Modern Sales Magazine. Mario is the host of the popular Modern Selling Podcast.

My takeaway: Not everything that experts say to do is right for you; feel comfortable walking away. You don’t have to resolve every disagreement with a confrontation.

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Ep313: Elizabeth Buko – Take Your Time to Learn Before You Start Investing

Elizabeth Buko is an author and Wealth Coach. She helps entrepreneurs improve their finances & start their wealth-building journey by changing the way they think about money from a faith-based perspective.

My takeaway: Investment is a serious business that needs more than excitement. If you are going to start investing by buying individual stocks, target owning a portfolio of ten stocks to reduce risk.

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Ep312: AJ Wilcox – Having a Full-Time Job in 2021 Is Risky

AJ Wilcox is a LinkedIn Ads pro who founded, a LinkedIn Ads-specific ad agency, in 2014. He’s an official LinkedIn partner, host of the LinkedIn Ads Show podcast, and has managed among the world’s largest LinkedIn Ads accounts worldwide.

My takeaway: LinkedIn master, AJ taught me that some businesses will be better than others so focus, pick the one that best matches you. Get your customers first, even before you produce your product. And finally, was the reminder that a job these days can be more risky than starting your own business.

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Ep311: Michael Teoh – Thorough Research Will Help You Outsmart Scammers

During the COVID-19 lockdown, when most corporate training stopped, Michael Teoh led his company, Thriving Talents, to pivot from their usual corporate consulting, team building, and employee training practices to work with SMEs to help their sales teams market and sell better and to boost the performance of work-from-home staff.

My takeaway: Avoid investment scams by doing thorough research. Don’t be afraid to speak out if you suspect you are being scammed. Also, remember that when you invest, losing money is just part of making it.

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Ep310: Michael Brody-Waite – Turn to Your Trusted Network for Support

At the age of 23, Michael Brody-Waite was a full-blown drug addict. Every day he drank a fifth of vodka and a twelve-pack of beer, he smoked two packs of cigarettes and smoked more weed than any human should, and he did whatever other drugs he could get his hands on.

My takeaway: Allow yourself to surrender and let go of your mistakes, do not be afraid to be authentic, and learn to accept the painful moments in life.

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Ep309: Marcus Luer – Do Not Go Global Before You Test Your Product Locally

Marcus Luer is Asia’s #1 Sports Marketing Entrepreneur and the Group CEO of Total Sports Asia (TSA), Asia’s global sports marketing agency, which he founded 23 years ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

My takeaway: Don’t be afraid to discuss whether to pivot or shut down your idea. Allocate your business resources wisely and remember to test your product idea in at small market first.

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Ep308: Andrew Muller – Test Your Ideas to Know What the Market Wants

Before becoming a marketing entrepreneur, Andrew Muller worked for Microsoft in their pay per click division. His company, Andrew Muller Creative, specializes in a new type of hyper-agile market testing called The Market Testing Incubator, where he’s able to test hundreds of ideas in a month, lowering lead costs.

My takeaway: Save your time and money by testing your ideas first, listen to advice from people you can trust. Our discussion reminded me of the addition I made to an old quote, “Revenue is proof of concept, while profit is proof of competence.”

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Ep307: Shan Saeed – Start Investing as Early as You Can

Shan Saeed is Chief Economist at Juwai IQI, a leading property, technology, and investment company operating and advising clients in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Makati, Toronto, and Dubai.

My takeaway: Put aside a specific amount of money for investing every month.

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Ep306: Jonathan Palmar – The Reward of Seeking Approval Is Zero

Like most people, Jonathan grew up believing that he needed to trust in the constant search for other people’s approval. As is human nature, Jonathan wanted to fit into the pack. He found himself often wanting people to give him the validation that he was going on the right path.

My takeaway: What other people think of you is none of your business.

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Ep305: Dale Dupree – Do Not Be Tricked Into Taking Shortcuts to Riches

Dale Dupree is leading a sales rebellion against the mediocre ways of the status quo in order to put people over products, community over commissions, experiences over performing a pitch, and fellowship over negotiations.

My takeaway: Know the difference between multi-level marketing and Ponzi schemes and that there is no legal, fast way of making money.

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Ep304: Chris Tate – Time Is Precious, Invest It

Chris Tate is one of the first people to ever release a share trading book in Australia. He is the best-selling author of The Art of Trading and The Art of Options Trading in Australia. He’s been running the 6-month repeat-for-free Mentor Program since the year 2000, and he’s also the founder of the Talking Trading podcast, a free weekly trading podcast.

My takeaway: If you want to learn about trading, go to a trader, not a broker.

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Ep303: Benjamin Quinlan – Investing in Cryptocurrency? Do Your Research First

Benjamin Quinlan is the CEO and Managing Partner of Quinlan & Associates. He is also the Chairman of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong, an Adjunct Professor at the AIT School of Management, a Mentor for PingAn’s Cloud Accelerator, a Guest Contributor for eFinancialCareers and Regulation Asia, and a Senior Advisor to many leading startups in the region.

My takeaway: Take a small position and grow it over time.

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Ep302: Ric Franzi – Always Invest in Appreciating Assets

Born and bred in a small coal mining and steel mill town in Western Pennsylvania, Ric Franzi moved to California after graduating with a B.A. in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. While in Southern California, he continued his education by attaining his MBA from Pepperdine University.

My takeaway: People miss opportunities every day, so do not beat yourself up.

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Ep301: Pete Lonton – Stick With Your Successful Property Investment Model

Mighty Pete Lonton from the Fire In The Belly podcast show is an author, TEDx speaker, podcast host, mentor, entrepreneur, property investor, husband, and father of three beautiful girls.

My takeaway: Protect your interests even if it means reneging on a contract.

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Ep300: 49 Incredible Life Lessons I learned in 2020 from 26 Extraordinary People

My takeaway: There is so much we can learn from others!

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Ep299: Larry Levine – Your Tragedy Could Be the Story That Brings You Success

Larry Levine is the best-selling author of Selling from the Heart and the co-host of the Selling from the Heart Podcast. In a post trust sales world, Larry Levine helps sales teams leverage the power of authenticity to grow revenue, grow themselves, and enhance their clients’ lives.

My takeaway: Embrace your pain and your struggle and tell your story with authenticity.

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Ep298: Robert Ramos – There Is More to a Good Stock Than Just Numbers

Dr. Robert B. Ramos, CFA, CAIA, CIPM, completed his undergraduate degree from the Ateneo de Manila University. He finished one master’s degree in Business Management from the Asian Institute of Management and the second one in Business Economics from the University of Asia and the Pacific. And to top that off completed his doctoral degree from De La Salle University.

My takeaway: Build a position in a stock slowly, over time.

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