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Meager but Steady Improvement Seen at Thai Real Estate Conglomerate

Watch the video with Andrew Stotz or read a summary of the World Class Benchmarking on Univentures Public Company Limited.


Univentures Public Company Limited is a property and investment company that develops and sells condominiums and also rents the space in owned office buildings.

Its subsidiary, Thai-Lysaght, engages in the quite unrelated business of producing zinc oxide under the “Zinco” brand. the mineral is used in the tire, paint, medicine and cosmetics industries.

Meager but Steady Improvement Seen at #Thai #RealEstate Conglomerate

Business Description

Sales of real estate projects account for the biggest part of the company’s revenue. UV has both high-rise and low-rise projects in its portfolio, such as the recently launched U Kaset-Nawamin Condominium and Golden Neo Bangna-Kingkaew.

Rental and rendering of services business is conducted mainly through renting out space in its owned Park Ventures Ecoplex, a high-end office building, and other office properties like the Sathorn Square via Golden Land Group PCL (GOLD TB), which they hold a 39% stake in.

#RealEstate makes up 82% of Univentures revenue, majority from low-rise projects

Production and sale of zinc oxide is run by Univentures’s 100%-owned subsidiary Thai Lysaght Company Limited and brings in 8% of revenue.

Its Rental and other services segment likewise accounts for 8% of revenue.

UV is 66% owned by Adelfos, a company owned by the second generation of the Sirivadhanabhakdi family, which owns several property companies.

The group is redefining its strategy for adapting products and pricing based on consumer behavior, especially in low-rise projects, which account for most of its revenues.


Chairman Potjanee Thanavaranit has filled her role since 2007. She holds an MBA degree from Syracuse University and a Bachelor’s in Accounting from Chulalongkorn University.

President Worawat Srisa-an is now in his fifth year running #Univentures in #Thailand

President Worawat Srisa-an is now in his fifth year running the company.

His background is in architecture. He holds a Masters of Urban Planning from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s of Architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

World Class Benchmarking

Univentures’s Profitable Growth has improved to #6 from #9 in 2013.

The improvement has been consistent but awfully slow over the last five years. It ranks in the lower half of medium Real Estate companies globally.

Profitability has improved to #6 from #9 in 2014, but Growth has shown most of the improvement. It now ranks #2 over the last year.

While #growth has increased, Profitable Growth still below average #Univentures

Asset utilization drove profitability, while Profit margin was ranked #8.

Sales growth has fallen to #4, while Margin change improved one step to #4 as well.

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