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Investment Wisdom from the Runners-Up in 2016

We recently published our list of the five most noteworthy investment bloggers this year from around the world: Become a Better Investor’s Top 5 Bloggers 2016. During the year we have featured 130+ bloggers and it wasn’t only the Top 5 that had investment wisdom to share. Below you’ll find our Top 3 takeaways from our runners-up in 2016.

Cullen Roche

Congratulations @cullenroche on becoming a runner-up Become a Better Investor Blogger 2016!

Blog: Pragmatic Capitalism


Our Top 3 Takeaways from Cullen in 2016:

  • The Foolish Forecaster: the investor who makes calls on short-term market movements; by extending your time horizon you increase the odds of getting a more accurate picture (Read Full Article)
  • A common error is assuming returns from the credit market are influenced by ingenious bond traders, rather than the actual source; the investment products themselves (Read Full Article)
  • There are managers that occasionally beat the average, but the odds of finding one who can achieve this consistently are improbable (Read Full Article)


Barry Ritholtz

Congratulations @ritholtz on becoming a runner-up Become a Better Investor Blogger 2016!

Blog: The Big Picture


Our Top 3 Takeaways from Barry in 2016:

  • Recent events will afterward become ‘normal’ to investors, “but a market crash, a financial crisis, deep bear market or hyperinflation” will leave a mental mark (Read Full Article)
  • Drawing a correlation between politics and investing is the same as investing on the Super Bowl Indicator—correlation doesn’t imply causation (Read Full Article)
  • Sticking close to the benchmark is an act of job preservation; average performance is better than risking major underperformance as a fund manager (Read Full Article)


Tony Isola

Congratulations @ATeachMoment on becoming a runner-up Become a Better Investor Blogger 2016!

Blog: A Teachable Moment


Our Top 3 Takeaways from Tony in 2016:

  • The only thing you can be certain of in the stock market is uncertainty, but that’s not a good reason for not investing (Read Full Article)
  • Investors will have experienced a portfolio drop of 50% or more twice in the last 16 years, and the odds are that it will occur again (Read Full Article)
  • Don’t attempt to predict the market; you’ll make more money by deciding not to take action than by trying to time it (Read Full Article)


Jason Zweig

Congratulations @jasonzweigwsj on becoming a runner-up Become a Better Investor Blogger 2016

Blog: A Safe Haven for Intelligent Investors


Our Top 3 Takeaways from Jason in 2016:

  • Just because the stock market is “sluggish” don’t be tempted to play around with your portfolio to make life more exciting (Read Full Article)
  • But beware, not all financial advisors and investment pros play by the same rules (Read Full Article)
  • This “death” is not necessarily a bad thing; it may be an indication that the market is learning the difference between stock price and business value (Read Full Article)


Daniel Crosby

Congratulations @danielcrosby on becoming a runner-up Become a Better Investor Blogger 2016!

Blog: Nocturne Capital


Our Top 3 Takeaways from Daniel in 2016:

  • Do a background check on your source, sift through any amateur dramatics in the writing, and be aware of the tone (Read Full Article)
  • While risky financial wins are more remarkable, it is not a strategic way to invest; the mark of a successful investor is by not losing (Read Full Article)
  • Focus on your own race and investments; concentrating instead on your neighbor’s success will inevitably lead you to trip and fall—in running and investing (Read Full Article)


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