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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Dreams

Top 5 of the Week of May 7

Writing for Alpha Architect, Larry Swedroe heads up our Top 5 this week looking at risk-based explanations for momentum premium. From Pragmatic Capitalism, Cullen Roche explains why Bitcoin won’t become a dominant form of currency. And for Bloomberg, Noah Smith considers what the Bitcoin bubbles can teach us about new assets.

Of Dollars and Data author, Nick Maggiulli helps us recognize when we are lost in the market and acting wildly. And The Irrelevant Investor Michael Batnick examines expectations and reality in the stock market…

Shedding a Little Light on Momentum

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  • Most momentum research concentrates on behavioral aspects e.g., how investors over or underreact to information which leads to mispricing
  • This research shows that the momentum premium might actually be rooted in risk as momentum strategies exhibit large negative skewness and excess kurtosis, as well as occasional large crashes
  • Risk “cannot be arbitraged away,” but mispricing can, so you can anticipate the momentum premium to continue

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Cryptocurrency Dreams

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  • Cryptocurrencies aim to eventually decentralize money and disconnect it from the archaic banking system we have in place
  • Decentralizing money goes against the way our economy works though as it will remove consumer purchasing power and options
  • Our economy is built on ‘money’ in banks that creates flexibility around consumers and banks jointly sharing an asset/liability relationship
  • The fixed nature of Bitcoin coins and their scarcity means that it can’t become the dominant form of money—it can never be used as credit

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The Bitcoin Bubbles

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  • There have been three Bitcoin bubbles since 2011—each one being larger than the previous
  • Firstly, because Bitcoin was seen as a ‘new asset’—no one knew how many cryptocurrencies there would be; secondly, due to a lack of liquidity; and thirdly, as it was hard to bet against
  • But price is determined by optimistic investors who stay in the game, not the pessimistic ones—letting these guys publicly register their pessimism through more futures trading and other exchanges may regulate new asset bubbles

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Exploring Unchartered Territory

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The future of the stock market is unchartered territory for every investor, but many act like they know what may happen and fit the following traits:

  • Denial of the situation, pressing forward relentlessly with trades and frantically buying or selling as the urgency of being lost presses on you further
  • Bargaining and depression come next as strategies that you attempt to get back on track don’t work to resolve the conflict and finally, acceptance that you are lost and cannot do this on your own

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The Cold Difference Between Anticipation and Reality

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  • Anticipation: Investors will always pay a premium for revenue growth
    Reality: Even if that growth hasn’t translated across to a company’s bottom line
  • Anticipation: The market improves by nearly 50%
    Reality: Even if earnings have been cut in half though
  • Anticipation: Astronomical revenue growth
    Reality: Anything less than astronomical growth and the stock takes the hit

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