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Dr. Deming

Applying the Neuroscience of Cooperation: Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation Series with David P. Langford (Part 5)

Cooperation is built into the human condition – we don’t survive without it. In this episode, Andrew and David talk about the connection in our brains between intrinsic motivation and cooperation – and how you can use that to help cultivate intrinsic motivation in an extrinsic world (and even make your organization more competitive!)

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The Importance of Operational Definitions: Deming in Education with David P. Langford (Part 12)

Operational definitions are clearly defined words, phrases, and concepts that everyone working together agrees to use in the same way. Making assumptions about words like “tardy” or “good” is a fast track to confusion and disengagement. In this episode, Andrew and David talk about operational definitions in education – for students, faculty, and administrators.

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