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Breaking Ground with the Valuation Master Class in Kuala Lumpur

On Wednesday, I arrived in Kuala Lumpur to deliver my 2-day seminar to 39 students, as selected by the SIDC (Securities Industry Development Corporation), for the Capital Markets Graduate Training Scheme. I was asked to deliver this seminar to enrich the students with my methods in valuation, and to develop the next generation of outstanding finance professionals. Students built their practical skills in valuation and advanced their analytical skills in forecasting… using Astotz Investment Research‘s very own ValueModel.

One huge benefit of my class is that students get to apply what they learn by DOING the forecasts and driving the ValueModel themselves. Muhammad (see picture above center) was lucky enough to understand the concepts even though he was caught not listening at one point… but others might not be so lucky! Nevertheless, it was great to see students enjoying themselves learning this challenging content.

One of the main objectives for my courses, both online and live, is to create a widespread community where everyone interacts with everyone else. It’s made clear to attendees that myself and my team will remain available to them, and they’re encouraged to remain available to each other. If they want to continue expanding their skillsets, they can join me in the Valuation Master Class, and I am more than happy to give career advice and answer any questions they have on all things finance-related. But to start with, building a community of Valuation Masters starts with getting to know each other—and above, we’re doing just that over some Nasi Le-Marc!

“A collective skill is better than a single mind” is the caption that my student Omar assigned to this picture. The 39 students in this seminar I was asked to teach were all selected by the SIDC for the Capital Markets Graduate Training Scheme. In other words—they are the leading candidates soon to break into the world of finance in Malaysia and beyond. It was great to see them collaborating, discussing, and evaluating valuation assumptions and forecasts.

Many attendees from Valuation Master Class Live in Bangkok last week commented on the fusion of business and finance in my seminar. I share the story of CoffeeWorks, my coffee company, and apply aspects of it throughout the seminar so that students are exposed to the inner workings of a successful real-world company that, for a long period of time, really struggled. Students, therefore, see the life-cycle of a firm laid-bare, which is paramount for understanding the complexities and fragilities of asset valuation.

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The Valuation Master Class provides you with the head start needed to achieve the equity analysis edge you need. Over the course of five modules, you will accumulate a portfolio of 56+ practical valuations on real-world companies. No other course provides the same opportunity to hone your equity analysis skills in the same way.

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