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Beating the Market, Self-Defeating Prophecies, and Future Uncertainty

Top 5 of the Week of November 14

In the Top 5 this week, The Intelligent Investor Jason Zweig explains how there is one sure way to beat the market. Collaborative Fund’s Morgan Housel uncovers why sometimes it is the most intelligent people who fail to make smart decisions. And John Rekenthaler for Morningstar contemplates the state of today’s index fund industry.

Vintage Value writer John discusses why it’s so hard to make stock market predictions. And Ben Carlson of A Wealth of Common Sense asks the question every investor is thinking at the moment; will Trump’s presidency lead to a stock market bubble…

“Beating the Market Is Easy…


  • …just understate its performance.” By not comparing S&P 500 returns including dividends it’s no wonder investors look like savvy stock pickers against the statistics
  • By ignoring one of the two ways to gain return (price gains and dividends) within your benchmark you are demonstrating an unequal comparison
  • The Securities and Exchange Commission requires mutual funds to include dividend income in their performance data
  • But beware, not all financial advisors and investment pros play by the same rules

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The Flaws in Our Decision Making Skills


  • Being clever and making smart decisions are not automatically linked; in fact, there are times where being too smart prevents you from making good choices
  • High intelligence actually allows us to kid ourselves with far-fetched reasons for why things happen—especially when it comes to justifying our own actions
  • Smart people are convinced that it takes a complex solution to solve complex problems and struggle to get past that idea
  • True brilliance is conveying challenging ideas in the simplest manner

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Today’s Fund Industry Broken Down


  • Index funds vary from provider to the indexes they’re based on and from the tracking errors involved to the expense ratios
  • It is trading costs that differentiate one index fund from another
  • Sharp investors have moved away from costly active managed funds in favor of the cheaper low-cost index funds to outperform market averages
  • Before, an increase in incoming assets had a negative impact and the fund would start to lag, but now index-fund providers are bolstered by strong sales

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How Market Forecasts are Self-Defeating Prophecys


  • Markets (and history) are level two chaotic systems: they react unpredictably to any predictions made about them
  • If investors act upon share price forecasts, they can drive the value up in an entirely different manner making the original forecast null and void—a self-defeating prophecy
  • Predictive models, at best help us make informed guesses, but even these, as the recent results of the general election demonstrate, may not always be right

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The Future Is Uncertain That’s For Sure


  • Whatever your political stance you should never let politics weigh in on your financial decisions
  • Given that a recession or market crash is always within the boundaries of possibility anyway, one or the other could happen with or without Trump’s presidency
  • To deal with the inescapable future volatility which the recent results will undoubtedly surface it is far better to be prepared than spend time on predictions
  • And bear in mind, one person or party cannot rule over the US stock and global markets

Do you think Trump’s presidency could lead to a stock market bubble? Share your thoughts in the comments section below
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