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Andrew Stotz on the Spot On Insurance Podcast

Join us each Tuesday to meet industry trailblazers as they share their personal journeys. Most importantly, they also share their best advice on how to advance your career and grow your insurance business.

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Today’s guest is Andrew Stotz, host of the podcast, “My Worst Investment Ever.” I’m super excited to have him as the first guest of this show, because he’s a very experienced investor and analyst, he’s REALLY smart, and he’s lived in Bangkok since 1992, so he’s an all-around interesting dude.

Andrew is a teacher who has created classes to help simplify investing and to help people becomes smarter investor.

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Andrew joins us to describe how he managed to find success despite the many hurdles he had to jump over in life and the people who motivated him to keep going. He discusses the COVID-19 situation in Thailand and how their government responded. He discusses the time he went out on his own with no education, his desire to start a business in Thailand, and when he and his business partner nearly lost everything. He describes how he and his partner slowly crawled their way to where they are today and their other business ventures. Andrew also explains what motivated him to write books on investment and wealth building and shares what not to do when you’re a beginner investor or startup owner.

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