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4 Undervalued Country ETFs for a Volatile Global Marketplace

By Andrew Stotz | Sep 25, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: Today’s volatile global marketplace can leave investors feeling like there’s no safe bet for investing their money. However, while volatility certainly brings it’s share of risks, it also offers opportunity for the active investor, and by mitigating risks by investing in ETFs instead of single stocks, you can still do very well – provided you find the right ETFs.

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Is Thailand a Viable Investment Option?

By Andrew Stotz | Aug 25, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: It’s been a cataclysmic few weeks for markets in much of Asia, but it’s important to remember that there’s much more to the region than just China. For instance, Thailand and Taiwan could still represent worthwhile investment opportunities.

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A Tale of Two Health Companies: Bumrungrad vs ZMC

By Andrew Stotz | Aug 20, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: The healthcare sector has long been one of the most consistently solid performers around the globe. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that every health and medical investment is created equal – and that’s particularly true on a global scale. Take for instance Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand and Zhejiang Medicine Co. in China.

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Beyond China: Where in Asia can you Safely Invest?

By Andrew Stotz | Aug 14, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: You can be forgiven for feeling anxious about investing in Asia, due to the headlines about apocalyptic action in China. Yet, while it’s true that investing in China today would be a terrible decision, there are actually a number of regions that could offer significant return on investment.

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Indonesia Might be Your Best Bet for Safe Investment in Asia

By Andrew Stotz | Aug 7, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: Has the volatility in China scared you out of investing in Asia? You might want to give the region another look, as countries like Indonesia sport strong fundamentals and only moderate risk.

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Your Newborn’s College Education will Cost at Least $2,000 per Year

By Andrew Stotz | Aug 5, 2015

The cost of a US public university education for a child born today will be about $80,000. A parent could invest about $2,000 the year their child is born, and increase that contribution by 5% each year to make sure that child can go to university. They could do this by buying a broad market fund or ETF depending on what suits their situation, and contributing money every year.

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Finding Value in Today’s Slowing Consumer Sector

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 31, 2015

VIDEO BLOG: Though the consumer discretionary sector has been slowing, there is still strong and stable profitability in emerging markets.

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Business Managers and Owners should Look for Profitable Growth

By Andrew Stotz | Jul 23, 2015

In April I blogged about EPS Growth, and followed this with a post about profitability (Replace “E” with “A” to Truly Understand Business Profitability). Today, I focus on a combination of these profitability and growth measures, which I call “Profitable Growth”.

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Unilever Indonesia generates a 130% ROE

By Andrew Stotz | May 26, 2015

Unilever in Indonesia generates an amazingly high level of profitability, with a return on equity (ROE) of more than 100%. What’s more, this large-cap stock has low correlation with Western stock markets, low volatility compared with other Indonesian stocks, and strong earnings momentum

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Replace “E” with “A” to Truly Understand Business Profitability

By Andrew Stotz | May 13, 2015

If a company can generate a good net profit relative to the assets it invests in, its return on assets (ROA) is strong. ROA is a measurement that matches the way a manager thinks about business – What assets do I need? What do I get in return?

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