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It Has Been Tough for Small Companies in Terms of Sales

Global: Tough past three years for small companies in terms of sales growth


  • Looking at all non-financial companies globally, grouped by size
  • Sales growth in line with previous peaks, except for Small companies
  • Small companies haven’t seen much sales growth since 2012


Asia ex Japan: All companies but Small saw an upturn in sales growth in 2017


  • Looking at all non-financial companies in Asia ex Japan, grouped by size
  • Sales growth trended downward from 2011-2012 until recently
  • Small companies have yet to get back to positive territory


Thailand: Revenue recovery did not come to small companies


  • Looking at all non-financial companies in Thailand, grouped by size
  • Sales growth has rebounded for Large companies in Thailand
  • Sales growth has been positive for medium-sized companies since 2010
  • Small companies haven’t seen sales recovery


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