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Tianneng Produces Batteries to Support the Electric Vehicle Boom


Established in 1986, Tianneng Power International Limited is a leading manufacturer of batteries and possesses the largest market share of lead-acid battery sales in China.

Its nine production bases in China manufactures recycled lead products along with batteries for use in electric vehicles and smart energy solutions.

Business Description

Majority of Tianneng’s lead-battery sales can be attributed to usage in electric bicycles and electric tricycles. High sales volume can be attributed to over 200m units of electric bicycles and tricycles owned by the Chinese population each with battery replacement cycle of around 1.5 years.

Mini electric car lead-batteries accounted for 8% of revenue in 2017. This variant of batteries is supplied to well-known Chinese energy auto companies including Chery Automobile, Kandi Electric Vehicles Group, and Lifan Motors.

After a long development period, Tianneng’s recycled lead business is seeing rapid growth, revenue up by 56% in 2017. Its production is heavily subsidized for its perk in environmental benefits.

The lithium-ion battery is another fast-growing segment of Tianneng with 58% revenue growth in 2017. The group has established an industrial R&D chain with 11 universities for efficiency and performance improvements. It also started production at its new establishment in Changxing to increase its total capacity by 3GW to 5.5GW.


Tianren Zhang is the founder of Tianneng Power International and holds the positions of President and CEO. Mr. Zhang was honored as one of the township entrepreneurs of China. In addition, he is qualified as a Senior Economist.

World Class Benchmarking

Profitable Growth has shown a positive trend and climbed up the ranks in 2016 to become #3 which is in the top 384 out of 1,280 large Consumer Discretionary companies worldwide.

Profitability has also ranked at #3 since 2016, while Growth ranked at #4 in the past 12 months.

Asset utilization has remained in the top two since 2015 and Profit margin has stayed at #6 over the same period.

Besides the drop in 2014, Sales growth has ranked in the top-two deciles for the past five years. Margin change showed an average rank in the past 12 months.

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